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NeoCell Collagen Products Review

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Welcome to Powered by Mom Blog’s NeoCell Collagen Products Review

Welcome to the fountain of youth! Well okay not exactly but the premise behind NeoCell is to create collagen products that allow people to live younger, longer lives with abundant energy and well being. And so Neocell was born, as a family-owned, research oriented business committed to introducing the world to a premium quality collagen-based supplement line.

I think NeoCell is living up to that goal and I can say that now that I’ve been regularly taking their products for about five weeks. Read on to find out more!

Collagen Products

I selected the following collagen products to review. I decided to try out a variety that covered both skin health, joint health and improving hair strength.

Hyaluronic Acid Blueberry Liquid – I drink this straight from the bottle well a tablespoon a day. I knew beforehand that blueberries are great anti-oxidants and are good for people with rheumatoid arthritis like myself. So when I read up on the benefits of this product it was my first choice. I find it quite pleasant tasting but some people like to have it with water or tea. My joints are starting to feel a little bit better, it does take a while remember for your joints to be built back up or the cushioning around them. My skin as a result from all the products has been fabulous. It looks smoother and my roseacea has NOT acted up at all in the whole five weeks, this alone is amazing! Added bonus my normally very dry eyes have well not been dry.



  • Holds 1,000 times its weight in water for cushioning of joints
  • Assists in cell turnover in the skin
  • Powerful aid in skin hydration and wrinkle reduction
  • Lubricates the surface of the eye

Collagen Type 2 – Naturally to complement the Hyaluronic Acid I had to get the Collage Type 2 to also aid with joint rejuvenation. I can honestly say my joints have not been swollen at all in the last three weeks. Yay! These capsules are easy to swallow

• Supports joint comfort and mobility
• May help with joint swelling
• Synovial fluid for joint cushioning

Beauty Bursts – Chocolate Mint and Fruit Punch – It’s like candy for grown up with health benefits. I kid you not these are both very tasty but if I had to choose I would say I like the flavor of the fruit punch ones the most. I do tend to like fruity flavors more so that one wins for me. They are chewy so that is something to keep in mind if you have any dental issues. I’m not surprised this product has won the following awards:

2013- “Best of Natural Beauty” Better Nutrition Magazine
2013- “Best Beauty Supplement” Delicious Living Magazine

beauty bursts

Collagen-C Pomegranate Liquid – I selected this one for both the skin and muscle benefits but also it has elderberry in it which for me is an added bonus. I try to take elderberry during cold and flu season in particular as it helps with preventing and/or reducing the systems of colds and flus. It’s a great natural product that has many benefits, combine this with the collagen it’s a power house. Now I have to say this doesn’t taste as good as the blueberry liquid. Once again I don’t it and I know it’s the elderberry flavor, I know my daughter doesn’t like the taste so some of you may want to have this in wter or tea. It’s worth taking!



  • Radiant and resilient skin
  • Thicker hair and stronger nails
  • Provides building blocks for collagen synthesis
  • Healthy and strong ligaments and tendons
  • Potent antioxidant*

Collage Beauty Builder – Last but not least! The Beauty Builder was voted 2013 “Best Skin, Hair and Nails Supplement” Delicious Living Magazine and for good reason. It helps to produce glowing skin, stronger nails and thicker hair. My hair is thick already but it needs to be strengthened, I haven’t noticed a change yet but I’ve only been taking this one for two weeks. However, I have noticed how much strong my nails are! I’m always breaking nails and that has already been drastically reduced. It’s in a nice and easy to swallow capsule form. If you can only select one product depending on what you want to concentrate on I would go for this one first!


I wish I could show you before and after pictures but for the most part they don’t apply as you can’t see but I can feel it. For my skin you would e able to tell if I showed you a picture when my roseacea acts up but of course I don’t allow anyone to take my picture then LOL. I wholeheartedly give the NeoCell collagen products a 5 out of 5 stars for quality, reasonable pricing and for being effective! What more could you ask for? Thanks NeoCell!






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  1. My mother has RA as well. We are trying everything we can to help reduce her pain. I will let her know about this!

  2. I learned that I need this product to help with my inflamation in my joints. With spinal injuries it is painful many days when you have allergies to meds.

  3. i learned that i need to take some collegen type 2 for my joints and stuff, i need help with that

  4. Thank you for reviewing these products; I wouldn’t have heard of them otherwise and they seem to be what I’ve been looking for. Nice to know about the elderberry, too. <3

  5. I have heard about the collagen being good for you. I didn’t know they had so many great products. This sounds like a wonderful beauty line of products. Thanks for the info and great review.

  6. That is a great list you posted. I would love to try the Hyaluronic Acid Blueberry Liquid to help with joint pain in my knees. I would also like to try Beauty Bursts in Chocolate Mint.

  7. 45 is such a mixed blessing – young, but still those fine lines start to give away one’s age. Would consider trying these products just to see if I could get those to go away.

  8. I did not realize that Hyaluronic Acid is good for rheumatoid arthritis. My mom has it, so I’m thinking I should get some for her to try. Thanks for the great information.

  9. Well, I love blueberries.. So, I want to try the Hyaluronic Acid for my joints and I am also interested in the Beauty Bursts.

  10. What i liked about this review is that it is a product that appeals to me something i want to buy and am interested in using to promote better health.


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