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Moving along with the bathroom renovations

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Powered by Mom Blog shares an update on our bathroom renovations!

We are actually much farther along than what it shoes in this picture. The walls are no longer green like they are below. The tile on the floor and the walls is up as you can see below but we now have the walls painted and a border above the tiles. The paint I selected has NOT come out to be the color I thought it would be so that’s interesting but it’s coming along nicely anyways. I just have to see if I like the color in the end.

So that was the challenge this round was selecting the color for the walls, that took me forever and the color didn’t come out at all like expected hmmm….


What color do you think we selected for the walls (remember it’s not what’s in these pictures)? We’ve added a few cool things too  can’t wait to show you but we’re going to wait until it’s COMPLETELY done before I share any more pictures 🙂

Below are the originals pictures from when we first started 🙂 GO HERE to see our first post and HERE for the second post about the renovations as we go along.

First and second pictures.

bathroom reno 2bathroom reno floor

By on March 28th, 2013

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47 thoughts on “Moving along with the bathroom renovations”

  1. Wow! It’s looking nice so far! Keep at it, as home improvement projects can be daunting. I applaud you for jumping into it head first!

  2. I love renovations especially to the bathroom. Making it a place yo relex and lock the kids out. Calgon take me away. Good luck!!!

  3. We are thinking of doing our bathroom over but we have neither the energy or the money at this time, hopefully next spring though. I love your new vanity, granite…I’m jealous..:) I am loving your flooring!!

  4. Doing a great job. We want to redo out master bath. It has gold fixtures that I can’t stand. I love the flooring you chose. We had looked into river rock tiles and now, seeing yours, I’m reconsidering.

  5. You guys are doing a great job. I love doing diy projects. I have never photologged a project in orogress, these posts will be gratifying to you when it is all done!

  6. I sooooo don’t envy you regarding this process. In January we started our “8 Day” master bath renovation – turned into three week! Argh! And we live in a condo and our second bath is only a 1/2 bath, so we had to truck on down to the gym’s locker room every day to take showers. If you can keep your sanity, I applaud you, regardless of how the reno turns out!

  7. I’ve had that happen where the paint color ends up being different from what I was expecting, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. I can’t wait to see the final paint color!! Bathrooms are a difficult room to renovate, since it’s a room you can’t live without. But with all the new fixtures and products, plus the new range of colors so popular now, it is so much fun and really exciting!! Hope all goes well with the finishing up and that it turns out to be everything you wanted.

  8. wondering what color you picked for your bathroom once its finished you will probably wanting to give friends and family a guided tour.

  9. It always takes more time and more money and more stress than you think it will! In the end you have something you love and can be proud of!

  10. I really like the flooring choice you made! The tiles really update the bathroom to a more modern look! I also like the color of the wood in your sink unit! The wall paint color looks nice, but that’s based only on these photos. Would lighting change the shade? I have no idea what color it is! I hope everything continues to go along well for your renovation project! Thanks for sharing!


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