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Maggie Bag & Wallet + Pursenal Butler Giveaway Ends 12/14

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Maggie Butterfly Bag + Maggie Wallet
All Nicely Placed on A Pursenal Butler $210 Value 
Dec 11-14, 2012

Bringing A Holiday To You

Hosted by Celebrate Woman Today
Sponsored by Maggie Bags and Pursenal Butler

Who wouldn’t love to win such a beautiful handbag and wallet form Maggie Bags AND the Pursenal butler, what an amazing prize pack. These are wonderful gift ideas too and I know I would love to receive such designer gifts as these!

The Pursenal Butler is at your service today! Appreciate all these reasons Why you should get one:

Not enough closet space – Get your Pursenal Butler!
Small living spaces – Grab that Pursenal Butler!
Kids are spreading their stuff and backpacks around the house – Organize with Pursenal Butler!

And if that it not enough for you, a Pursenal Butler could accommodate up to 12 bags and purses of all kinds with the total weight of 100 pounds! That’s the beauty of it! And the looks of your Pursenal Butler could be up to your liking, too. Choose from Pink, White, Black, and Silver.

Win One Pursenal Butler of Choice, $70 Value


To make your life even more colorful, we are offering a fantastic Maggie Butterfly Bag with a matching Maggie Wallet. Never heard of Maggie bags? Why not to explore them? What differentiates these designer bags is a few things.

Maggie bags are made of genuine automotive seatbelt webbing. Those thousands and even millions of yards of such webbing are being rejected by the governmental safety testing agencies to make sure that those yards that do get to your car are really safe and perform as they should.

Maggie Bags has created a wonderful concept to create designer bags out of rejected seatbelt webbing. What a novelty! What a beautiful concept with design that competes with the top market purses and bags out there.

This Maggie Butterfly Bag is amazing! Feels soft and durable. The inside of it is lined out of purple silk with on-fabric embellishment of the Maggie Bags logos. It’s simply gorgeous.

Win this Maggie Butterfly Bag + Maggie Matching Wallet in Pink, $140 Value


Make your holidays sweeter and more colorful! Both sponsors have their coupon codes for you to shop if you choose.

Pursenal Butler – Get one for $49.99, Coupon Code: xmasspecial
Maggie Bags – Get 15% Discount with Coupon Code: Celebrate15 (This code is Case Sensitive! Use Upper and lower cases as is)

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91 thoughts on “Maggie Bag & Wallet + Pursenal Butler Giveaway Ends 12/14”

  1. I think I love the red one most, the satiny look to it and unique shape make it very eye-catching, and it is practical with all of its pockets. I also like the two tone tan look used on one of the other bags Maggie’s Bags sell.

  2. Ok, I’m a fan of ALL their bags, especially the tote of many colors, the butterfly bag and especially the LeConte Messenger (the buckles!!).


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