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Limeapple Clothes for Teen & Tween Girls

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Limeapple Clothes for Teen & Tween Girls

Do you know a teen or tween girl who would like fashion forward clothes but also would like to be comfortable in what they wear? They don't want to sacrifice comfort for fashion but neither do they want to wear baggy sweatpants and t-shirts all of the time either. Never fear, parents and girls alike will love Limeapple clothes for teen and tween girls. Just ask my 13 year old daughter, she'll tell you how these clothes as she put it, "rock".

Here's my girl rocking her Limeapple clothes

applelime 3

Speaking as someone who has recently embarked on a fitness journey I can honestly say I've scoured the internet and my local shopping mall for active wear that not only looks attractive but that also suits my needs for comfort while being active as well. Too many times in the past I've gotten a workout outfit that was too adorable for words and tried it on only to find out that it was scratchy and just plain uncomfortable; there was no way I could have gone on a walk/jog, worked up a sweat and had the outfit be, by any stretch of the imagination, comfortable. The same can be said about active wear for our young girls. With our own fitness goals in mind it's all too easy to forget that our children often lead rigorously active lives of their own.

limeapple 2

That's why I was thrilled for the chance for my daughter to review some clothes from Limeapple. Limeapple Sport was created with the purpose to create athletic wear for young girls that could meet their changing fashion and performance needs. Limeapple's mission is a simple one: to offer our girls exceptional clothing for healthy living and to have fun. They pride themselves on supporting the highest possible ethical standards as well as their fair practices. Quite simply they strive for a world where style, comfort, health, wellness and fairness are priorities.

We were sent Limeapple's Girls Full Length Adjustable Leggings-Denim, Love in Color Pleated Top and Cuddle Bubble Hoodie.

limeapple 4

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Limeapple's Love in Color Pleated Top is an affordable alternative to some of the more pricey options available on the market and brings a fresh spin to the classic short sleeve top with it's pleated design. It can be paired with any Limeapple bottoms to complete a stylish yet comfortable workout outfit. Its 4 way stretch construction allows for maximum mobility while engaging in even the toughest routines while the moisture wicking technology keeps you dry, cool and comfortable. My daughter says the top is super comfortable yet it has flair, it's dressier than a t-shirt and she can even pair it either jeans, the Limeapple denim leggings she has on in the picture, jeans or really whatever she wants.

The entire Limeapple outfit from head to toe is cute and comfortable. As you can see my daughter has no problem jumping around and being active in these clothes while still looking stylish and cute.

limeapple jumping

The Cuddle Bubble Hoodie is the ultimate lightweight alternative to bulky, heavy workout jackets; it's soft and light material will keep the wearer warm even when the colder weather starts to set in. The nifty thumb holes incorporated in the sleeves of the hoodie in addition to the soft inner layer will keep your young athlete warm and moving. With a handful of bright, beautiful colors to choose from there's sure to be one to catch even the pickiest girls eye! The Cuddle Bubble Hoodie is so soft, it's like a minky blanket that you get to wear around. She went for the black one of course as it goes with everything but she's already been dropping hints as to some of the other colors she would like.

As you can see by the close up on the hoodie it even looks super soft, so much so I wish they made one in mom's size 🙂 . Yes my daughter is a bit of a goofball, I have no idea where she gets that from 😉

limeapple 7

The Full Length Adjustable Leggings-Denim is a great choice for mobility, whether your young athlete is active in Yoga, Dance or a range of different activities. She won't sacrifice comfort for mobility while wearing the Full Length Adjustable Leggings and with it's hidden waistband pocket you won't have to worry about her not having a place for her extra cash or phone in case of emergency. My daughter has tested out that pocket already with her smartphone, while she says with her bigger phone it's not what she'd want to do all the time but it has come in handy a few times already.

It's no surprise that my daughter has given Limeapple clothes a two thumbs up for comfort and style. For a girl who doesn't necessarily like to dress up she wants to be comfortable first and foremost but it makes her happy if she can be fashionable too. As a parent I love the Limeapple clothes as they are cute without being inappropriate or revealing, they are extremely well made and the styles and colors are made with tweens and teens in mind. Thanks Limeapple!

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9 thoughts on “Limeapple Clothes for Teen & Tween Girls”

  1. It can be difficult to find clothing for a young teen that they like and you approve of. Especially the way kids follow some crazy fads.

  2. Both of my granddaughters would love Limeapple and the clothes. It is very hard to find the right thing for tweens to wear. I'll be telling my daughter about the brand.

  3. Limeapple has the right idea of offering Athletic Clothing that is fashionable for the tweens. As the pictures of your daughter show they are always on the move, yet are picky about what they wear. Thank you for the introduction.

  4. Really neat attractive clothes for sometimes hard to dress tweens. I know a young girl who could really use a new wardrobe to help boost her self image and confidence!


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