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Light Up Your Life with Celestial Lights

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Light Up Your Life With Celestial Lights

Glowing Star And Moon Lamps Add A Beautiful Touch

I am an adult that still wants to have glow-in-the-dark stars on her bedroom ceiling. I admit it. I have been pleasantly surprised though by these beautiful lamps from Encalife. The star projector is gorgeous and looks a lot more grown-up than plastic stars. The soft glow of the moon lamp sits on my desk as a novel and peaceful sort of light. I decided this is now how I light up my life and home, they are so fun!

light up your life

Disclaimer: This review was done by team member Emily. She was provided product in exchange for her honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are her own and were not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way.

Fill A Room

What I love about the Atmosphere Smart Galaxy Star Projector is that I can put it in a corner of my room and my entire ceiling and even some of my falls will have a gorgeous galaxy covering them. It’s the perfect nightlight for my kiddos. It is beautiful and relaxing to look at. And it really fills the whole room with green dots of stars and a variable color of a galaxy-looking light.

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All The Color And Control

light up your life

What was amazing is that I can control the Atmosphere projector lamp with my phone. You do need to make sure you have a 2.4gHz wifi signal, it will not work on a 5gHz wifi signal. So I switched my phone from the 5 to the 2.4. You must have this to set it up and get it working. Once it does, you turn it on and off, can set a sleep timer, and you have the ability to control the brightness and speed of rotation of the green laser dots. You can also choose the color of the galaxy lights on the color wheel, set the brightness, and how light or dark the colors are. That last one might also be more of a saturation control, it is difficult to tell for sure. But have my mine turned up to 100% to see the best colors.

light up your life

Initially, I was concerned that it used a green laser. How can that look like stars? Somehow, it works though. Once my glasses are off, everything is pretty blurry, but I love looking up at my ceiling. And even with my glasses on, I love watching those dots spin across the room among the colors. I sort of forget that they are green and just enjoy the aesthetic. I also tend to set the rotation to incredibly slow. Especially for when I sleep. When it starts moving too fast I get a little nauseous. Luckily it is easy to control in the app and I love falling asleep under a celestial sky.

Set The Scene To Light Up Your Life

light up your life

There is also a setting in the app to use a pre-programmed scene, that sets the colors and speed automatically. You can even build your own scenes for parties or even bedtime so you don’t have to tweak the controls each and every time. You can also set it up so that it will turn off automatically after a set amount of time. It’s great for the kids at bedtime. I can get it for a few hours to save on electricity, but it’ll run long enough to make sure they are asleep.

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Light up your life with celestial lamps that still stun in their beauty and calm kids for the best nighttime rest.

Set It And Forget It

light up your life

Not only is there a timer function, but there is a schedule function as well! You can program when you want the light to come on, when you want it to switch to a different scene, and when to shut it off based on the time on your phone. This is great when I want to use a bright and colorful scene while I’m working at my craft desk, but then want it to change to a dimmer scene for bedtime. I also love that I can angle the lamp just right. It has multiple lines across the bottom that lets it sit at different angles. I can set it exactly how I need it to project where I want.

Hold The Moon In Your Hands

light up your life

Have you ever held the moon in your hands? Now you can! I have wanted one of these little moon lamps forever. And it is just as magical as I anticipated. It comes with its own little remote control where you can set the color, increase or decrease the brightness or choose for it to cycle through the colors in 4 different ways. I cannot seem to pick a favorite color and love to have it fade from one color to the next.

The Real Moon

light up your life

This moon lamp is 3D printed based on actual NASA maps of the moon. The ridges and valleys are exactly where they are supposed to be. The thicker sections show less light, making the shadows appear exactly where they would when you look up at the moon. I absolutely love that it is accurate to the real moon. It comes with its own USB charging cable and can run for hours on a full charge without it being plugged in.

Where To Place The Moon

light up your life

My kids also love to use this moon as a nightlight as well. The remote ensures that the light isn’t so bright that it keeps them awake, but the colors are soothing. My space-loving son adores falling asleep to this and I love featuring it on my desktop. It can be calming when school or work gets stressful.

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  1. Oh, the idea of holding the moon in your hands! I don't have any little kids here at home, but I think I'd love this for myself. Such a nice ambiance. Something to dream with (and about).


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