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Know Your Count Managing Asthma

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Know Your Count Managing Asthma

Do you or someone you know have asthma? It’s time to get everyone serious about Asthma safety. Join Award-Winning Singer and Actress, Kristin Chenoweth as she reveals her journey with Asthma and urges others to get serious about Asthma Safety

Did you know that there is a National Campaign that seeks to educate people with Asthma on the importance of ‘Knowing Their Count’? What is knowing your count? It’s about keeping track of remaining doses in rescue inhalers. Kristin Chenoweth, who is speaking publicly for the first time about the impact her asthma has had on her professional career and busy lifestyle.

Children and adults with asthma need to rely on a quick-relief (or “rescue”) inhaler during an attack, so having enough medication in an inhaler when they need it is critical. Despite the life-saving nature of these medicines, a recent survey co-sponsored by AAFA and Teva of approximately 590 patients with asthma revealed that nearly half of respondents reported their rescue inhaler was empty when needed at least once in the past, requiring one-out-of-ten of them to go to the emergency room and one-out-of-five to go without treatment during the asthma attack.

If you are someone you know has asthma, share this information with them. Being informed can make the difference in saving a life literally. Wouldn’t we all want to take preventative measures if it meant the health and well being of another person?

Visit www.KnowYourCount.com for more information and check out this video below.

Know Your Count


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