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Keeping Kids Active Mentally & Physically

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Keeping Kids Active Mentally & Physically with Fun Games

ROXs 2s Keeps Kids Active While Having Fun

Kids are all about tech these days, and who can blame them? It's everywhere around them and it is critical that they learn how to use it and work it. However, there is just as big a problem with kids being less active today because of too much tech and screen time. ROXs 2s by A-Champs is the perfect solution to that. With an easy to use phone application and fun games that #getkidsmoving, kids will spend more time being active and not missing their screens at all. 

Let the games beginRoxs 2s

The Hardware

Roxs 2s

In your kit, you get the main ROXs 2s unit, 8 PEBBs, the strap set, plus your wireless charger or batteries. Older kits contain enough batteries for two full sets and a battery cover. Newer sets include a rechargeable battery with built-in cover and the wireless charger. Then you just need a Bluetooth enabled device that can download from the iTunes app store of Google Play Store.

They designed the ROXs 2s to be kid-proof, pretty much. We had a bit of trouble getting it to power and stay on at first with the regular batteries, but after we got our wireless charger and rechargeable battery it worked just fine. So if you end up with an older unit be SURE to redeem your coupon for the free wireless rechargeable set. It can be bumped, hit, and dropped, though it is not waterproof at all. The white square lights up different colors and it has a built-in speaker. The white square is also the scanner to read the PEBBs tokens. It has an internal accelerometer and vibration motor.

The PEBBS are interactive tokens that you can play the games with. Currently, they have 8 animal-themed PEBBS. They feature cute animals on the front and QR type codes on the back that can be scanned and read by the main ROXs 2s unit. The straps allow you to attach the main unit to yourself, or mount it somewhere like a chair or tree for games.

The Games

There are currently 6 games available to play on our iTunes device. They range from easy, fun, and interactive to high intensity, exciting, and active. All the games currently use the PEBBs, though future games may be played with only the main ROXs 2s unit. The app is easily downloaded and the account is easy to set up. Once your app account is set up you tap the "add a Roxs" and press and hold the power button on the main Roxs 2s unit until it buzzes and the light turns blue. This pairs the unit to your device.

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You can then set up player profiles. You can assign photos, input names, boy/girl option, and a birthday. Unfortunately, the app still has some bugs so the birthday feature doesn't seem to stay correct or calculate the age properly. I'm sure this will be remedied in future updates and it doesn't affect the gameplay at all. From the Roxs menu, you can then choose to power off the Roxs or it will power down on its own after 5 minutes of inactivity. You also have a scoreboard for all the players total scores and the player menu. scroll down to get to the fun games!

  • Game 1- Meet PEBBs: 

    Roxs 2sThis game is simple enough for a child of any age to play. You simply scan a PEBB on the ROXs 2s and you can hear it's accompanying sound and colored light. My 2-year-old loves it. It's great for naming the different animals and teaching her the sounds they make.

  • Game 2- Beat Me:

    This is a one-player game where you lay out all the different PEBBs. You play indoors or outside, it doesn't matter. The game counts down and then a sound is heard. You have to run and find the correct PEBB and race it back to scan it. Then the next sound is issued and you find the next one and so on and so forth until all the PEBBs are scanned. You have to see how fast you can complete it. You get more points the faster you are.

  • Game 3- Parkour:

    This is my 8-year-olds favorite. Basically, we set up an obstacle course in the backyard and lay out the PEBBs along the course. He runs through the course collecting the PEBBs to be scanned at the end of the course. We don't have a ton of stuff to "parkour" off of so to speak, but he can run around and jump over toys and chairs, walk along our trees retaining wall, and crawl through our slide setup. It's a lot of fun. The game is timed to see how fast it can be completed, just like the one above.

  • Game 4- A-Champs Dash:

    Roxs 2sThis is kind of like hide and seek. The game assigns two players 4 PEBBs to hide. Then the countdown starts and the hunt is on. You have to find and scan all 4 of your opponents PEBBs before your opponent does. The first one done wins!

  • Game 5- Story Time:

    This is a two-player game. Player 1 tells a story using the PEBBs, scanning them in the correct order of their appearance in the story. Once the story is complete player 2 needs to try and remember the story and scan the PEBBs in the correct order. It's a great imaginative and memory game. It took a bit of time to figure out the correct way to get this one to work, but my boys had a lot of fun playing it.

  • Game 6- Duel:

    Duel is the last game currently available, but it's my kids' absolute favorite. It is a 2-player game. The game assigns 4 PEBBs to each player. When the game starts a sound will sound from the ROXs 2s. If you have the correct PEBB that matches the sound you grab that token and race the other player to the ROXs 2 s which is set up about 10 feet away. If you have the correct token you scan it, if you don't you flip over the ROXs unit. As soon as the first one is scanned a new sound is emitted and you have to race back to the start to grab your token.

    You can choose how long a game you want, either 60, 90, 120 or 150 seconds. The winner is the person who got the ROXs first more often during that time period. The ONLY downside is that the dinosaur and the bear sounds are incredibly similar. It can be tough to figure out which one it wants.

A Moms Opinion on Roxs 2s

Roxs 2s

Initially, I had a lot of issues getting this working. The app still has some bugs, but I've been feeding them back to the A-Champs team and I'm sure fixes are on the way. All new apps start out a bit buggy. Once we got the rechargeable battery I then had issues getting it to stay paired but that was all on me as it hadn't charged completely. Duh! I charged it charged up overnight and I got it working beautifully. That all said, the customer service team were champs! They listened to everything I had to say and offered tips to get it working properly. They were wonderful and addressed every issue I had.

My kids love the ROXs 2s. It even got my oldest outside and running around. He is terrified of bugs so he rarely gets outside enough, but as soon as I said "parkour" he was in. He loved "dueling" his brother and helping his baby sister find all the hidden PEBBs. We can easily spend an hour or two outside running around now with NO complaints!

Overall, the ROXs 2s delivers on its promise to #getkidsmoving. I even have fun playing the games with my kids. I cannot wait to see what future updates bring with games and fun. This would make an excellent gift or just a fun game setup for the grandparent's house. You can get your very own in the shop HERE.

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5 thoughts on “Keeping Kids Active Mentally & Physically”

  1. I'm a fitness instructor, and really try to keep my kids active. This would be great for them. I like the variety of games and that they can be played inside or outside.

  2. This sounds like so much fun for our little ones. I know kids get bored easily. I love to keep my grandchildren active. Thank you so much for sharing

  3. I would probably need customer service help with getting it set up so good to know that they are available and helpful. It sounds like fun games for a family to play.


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