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Just Bones Boardwear Offers Adjustable Waist Boardshorts #Review

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Just Bones Boardwear Fits All Sizes

Just Bones Boardwear Patent Pending Adjustable Straps Make All the Difference

Ever have the problem of shorts and pants not fitting in the waist while still fitting in the length? My kids have always been a lot tinier in the waist than in length so buying bottoms with adjustable straps has always been extremely important. Swim trunks were always falling off because the waist was just too loose. Just Bones Boardwear fixed that problem with their patented adjustable straps in their swim trunks.

Just Bones Boardwear

While still allowing shorts to have the classic look of swim trunks, adjustable straps are attached. You ask, how can there be adjustable straps on swim trunks?! Well, they are hidden in the back by what looks like is a pocket flap. Lift up the flap and easily adjust the straps.

Just Bones Boardwear

The Just Bones Boardwear boardshorts are made of 100% polyester. This allows for quick drying and yet still allows the shorts to be stretchy enough for comfort.

Just Bones Boardwear

I LOVE the colors and designs that are available. The fact that you can have stylish shorts without looking like everyone else on the beach. A pocket is on the side is a handy asset to the shorts.

Just Bones Boardwear

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I would consider these shorts as a top of the line kind of board shorts that fit any size or shape!

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By on January 6th, 2017

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8 thoughts on “Just Bones Boardwear Offers Adjustable Waist Boardshorts #Review”

  1. This sounds really interesting. I wish there was a photo that showed the adjustment straps so I could better understand the process. Seems like a really cool idea, plus they are so cute.


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