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Jabra Elite Sport Bluetooth Earbuds Review

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Jabra Elite Sport Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Jabra has created a pair of wireless headphones that stand up to the expectations every Bluetooth earbud should meet. From high-quality sound to comfort, they have it all.

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Jabra Elite Sport Bluetooth Earbuds Review - Powered by Mom

Jabra Elite Sport Bluetooth Earbuds

Jabra Elite Sport Bluetooth Earbuds Review - Powered by Mom

There are several features I really like about the Jabra earbuds. The most important aspect is that they are comfortable to wear! They don’t poke or prod. And even though they have a good fit, they stay in place. Even when walking and biking the earbuds do not budge.

Along with the earbuds, you will also receive the following:

  • Charging Carrying Case & Chord
  • Variety of sized Ear Wings
  • Variety of sized Silicone Gels and Foam Tips earpieces

Depending on what you will be doing while using these headphones, depends on the different types of earbud tips you should use. I preferred using the silicone gel tips when bicycling. The foam tips worked better for everyday use.

Jabra Earbuds Sound Quality

Being able to hear both music and voices during phone calls are very important when using Bluetooth earbuds. This pair has very clear and precise sound. Thanks to the speakers in both earbuds, Jabra was able to lean on technology to create sound that drowns out background noise. I have not experienced any connectivity issues that interrupt calls or music. The sound connection is strong on this set of earbuds.

Jabra Earbuds Charging Case

Jabra Elite Sport Bluetooth Earbuds Review - Powered by Mom

You use the charging case to charge the earbuds. There are small connectors on the earbuds that line up in the case. After plugging in the case, there are two green lights that turn on to indicate that they are charging. With one charge, the earbuds have lasted me about 3.5 hours. I have found that these are easy to hook up to a portable battery and charge while on the go.

Jabra Sport Life App

One feature that is so cool is that these Jabra earbuds have a heart rate tracker. Through the Jabra app, you can view your heart rate and fitness stats to get a first-hand look at how effective your workouts can be. There is also a personalized coach that helps you during your workout.

Another feature that I really like is that these earbuds are waterproof! Jabra even offers a three-year warranty just in case something does go wrong.

Do you know someone who could use a pair of fantastic Bluetooth earbuds? They make great gifts! Check out Jabra and their amazing line of earbuds and headphones.

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  1. The Jabra Sport ear buds sound like they’re the pair to get. My only concern is do they drowned outside noise too well. I like to know if there are emergency vehicles near and if someone is trying to get my attention. I think drowning outside noise to well can be dangerous.


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