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How To Prepare Your Child For A New School

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Your first day of school may seem like a distant dream, now that you have your own kids. But that first day at a new school is always a nerve-wracking experience for any child. There are certain things you can do to make this exciting and anxious process easier for your kid.

Plan Your Route

If your child is taking the bus, make sure that you have all the information available for bus times, bus stop locations, and fares. However, if you plan to walk or drive your kid, make sure you do a test-run prior to their first day, so you know how long it takes to travel at rush hour. The last thing your child needs on their first day is the stress of being late for school. Get there with time to spare.

Call Ahead

Visiting the school with your child, before the academic year starts, can help familiarize your child with the set-up, so they are less nervous about entering a completely alien building on day one. Meeting the headmaster can be scary at first, but once a child realizes that the teachers are friendly and approachable, they should be more at ease.

Emergency Info

Ensure the school has all of your details. If there is an emergency you will want them to be able to contact you straight away. Conversely, have all the school’s details to hand. You may need to keep in contact with their teachers, especially if there are any bullying or academic issues.

If your child seems to be struggling with their studies, take the time to help them with their homework – a little home schooling on top of their academic tuition can give them the foothold they need to get ahead – get expert advice here on how best to tutor your child. Make sure to reward them (and yourself) for any extra hard work towards their studies. You should build a positive connection with academic achievement at a young age.

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Be Nice

Be extra lovely to your child at this time – make them feel loved. They might want to confide in you, so ask them about how their first day went and how they are coping with their studies. Let them know that you have faith in them, and that they should just do their best because that’s all you can ask from them.


When everything is changing, your child will appreciate a little normalcy. Keep bedtimes and mealtimes the same, and maybe serve up their favourite dish to commemorate the transition.


Even if your child is shy, participating in team sports or clubs is a fast track way for them to make friends. The exercise too can help your kid have a more positive outlook. If sports are the last thing your child wants to do, try to get them involved in something you know is their strength: for example, a book club or chess group. Excelling amongst their classmates in their area of speciality will boost their confidence.

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13 thoughts on “How To Prepare Your Child For A New School”

  1. We moved so many times when I was a kid and I can relate to this article very well. And i was terribly shy! I really agree with the last point about joing activities/sports. I know that helped me to make new friends and let off some steam!

  2. GREAT TIPS! It's always nice if your child can check the place out & feel comfortable prior to just going to a new place & being left there.

  3. The year before each of my kids started school I took them to lunch several times at their future school and we went to all of the Carnivals and things that the school put on. By the time they started themy felt completely at home!

  4. Thank you so much for the great article. My daughter started a new school this year, and is having some trouble adjusting - she would much rather stay home with mommy. Next year she'll start a new school again, and hopefully I can make it easier for her this time with these tips!

  5. This is very useful information, my son will be starting school soon and we dont know when we will be moving, we are military and that is the life!

  6. being in the military it is a great idea to visit a new school before we go for the first time. Have found that my daughter has met children she has been with before. This makes the transition smooth knowing she is not going to be the newest kid on the block with no friends

    • Thank you for this article; we may be moving soon and I've been a little nervous about my son switching schools. He says he hopes we move and he is excited; but I moved a lot when I was younger so I know how nerve wracking starting a new school can be.


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