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How to Keep Your Cat Happy and Home Fresh

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How to Keep Your Cat Happy and Home Fresh

The Right Products Ensures Your Cat Stay Happy and Your Home Fresh

A healthy cat is a happy cat. And a happy cat means a fresh home. If your cat is unhappy, they may spray, marking their territory, and making a mess.  If they are not healthy they may cough up hairballs, throw up, and have a stinky litter box. Here are a few ways to keep to make sure you have the right food and litter and toys to keep your cat happy. Cat Happy Catalyst Cat Litter

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Regular Check-Ups for Happy Cats

Because cats can’t tell us when something feels “off” we often don’ know anything is wrong until it’s really bad and they are in visible pain. It is important to make sure your cat gets regular check-ups at the vet to ensure there are no underlying issues that may become bigger down the road. This keeps your cat healthier for longer. Plus it can save you money in the long run!

The Right Food Means Happy Tummies

One of my cats will turn 15 this year. Due to him knocking a tooth out when he was younger (he was extremely clumsy) he has lost a couple of others in old age. So he gets to eat wet food. He can chew it so much easier and it helps him stay healthy and maintain his weight.Cat Happy Catalyst Cat LitterHis younger “sister” is around 9 years old now. She has a problem with hairballs. Unless she has a specific formula of food she constantly coughs them up and her poops stink. The hairball formula food keeps her healthy, hairball free, and happy. So make sure your cat has the right food to meet their needs. It keeps them and their tummies happy. 

Give Them Toys

Cat Happy Catalyst Cat LitterCats love the ‘nip. You know. The catnip. And they don’t need a ton of it. I caught a toy recently for my 9-year-old cat because she likes crinkly stuff. It has officially become the 14-year-old’s toy. He still does the zoomies through the house and loves to roll around playing with it. You would never know he is an old man the way he plays. Toys keep cats happy and it keeps them active. 

Look at the Litter Box

Cat Happy Catalyst Cat LitterYour cat’s litterbox can tell you a lot about their health. You need to be familiar with your cat’s litterbox routine so you can tell if anything changes. Urine should be pale yellow and only slightly smell. Poops should be solid but soft. If you notice any change in your cat’s litter box habits, it’s time for a trip to the vet. 

The Right Litter Makes Your Cat Happy

Cats want a litter that is soft on their feet. Chunky clay gravel is not too comfortable to walk on. Have you ever stepped on some your cat has kicked out? Not fun for you, not fun for your cat. Catalyst Pet makes soft litter from wood shavings that your cat will have no problem walking on.Cat Happy Catalyst Cat LitterCats also have a much more sensitive nose than humans, so that fresh lavender you picked out in your litter may be completely overpowering to your cat. A healthy cat should not necessarily need to have a scent to cover up their litter box.

Keeping it Natural

Cat Happy Catalyst Cat LitterNatural is often best for everyone and everything, and your cats are no exception. The natural soft pinewood shavings in Catalyst pet litter comes straight from the mill, has no fillers, a natural clumping agent, and a barely-there natural scent. This ensures your home stays fresh and clean while making your cats happy with a soft, comfortable litter box experience. And one bag of litter per cat is enough to last a whole month when the litter box is properly cleaned and maintained. 

A Happy Earth Makes Cats Happy

Cat Happy Catalyst Cat LitterI love Catalyst cat litter not only because it is good for my cats, but it is also good and safe for the environment. So many cat litters contain scents and chemicals that are really not good for the environment. Many are contained in a plastic bag that doesn’t break down when it is tossed in a landfill. This natural wood-based cat litter is easy to clean, scoop, and dispose of to keep the litter box clean and my cat healthy. It’s great!

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10 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Cat Happy and Home Fresh”

  1. Does that litter clump? I currently have some from corn cobs and it just disintegrates making it hard to scoop up. At least my guys aren’t too picky with their litter (they’ll use the corn cob, pine, newspaper and regular clumping litters)

  2. Cats won’t use a litter box if they don’t like the litter being used. I had one cat that would deposit her poops just outside the box when I changed the litter to something she didn’t like.

  3. I always try to keep my cats happy, from making sure their cat boxes are cleaned out daily to having a bit of fresh cat nip for them.

  4. I make sure that there are a lot of different toys and I have created an open toy box and they acquire the toy that they want and we play together with the toy.

  5. I am always looking for ways to keep my cat’s litter box fresher! I like that it has soft pinewood shavings which my cat should like!

  6. I haven’t head of this litter before but would love to change to something more environmentally and cat friendly. Not to mention that I would rather step on this than the litter that gets tracked out of the box!

  7. I have cats and I love your post here, I do believe in having the proper toys and food and cat litter really
    makes a huge difference in making your cat happy.


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