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How Riding a Hoverboard Benefits Kids

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How Riding a Hoverboard Benefits Kids

It’s more than just a fun pastime.

When my son said he wanted a hoverboard I kind of rolled my eyes. Of course, he does. Why ride a bike when you can just stand there and move wherever and at speed? But I started warming up to the idea once I learned that there are actual health benefits to riding a hoverboard. It benefits kids in many different ways. Read on to find out how the Swagtron Twist Remix actually helps.Swagtron Twist Remix Hoverboard Benefits Kids

Disclaimer: This review was done by team member Emily. She was provided product in exchange for her honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are her own and were not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way. 

Better Posture in the Age of Text Neck

Swagtron Twist Remix Hoverboard Benefits Kids

“Text Neck” has been deemed an epidemic in the modern world. Too much looking down at our devices all day leads to an improperly curved spine at the neck and into the upper back. Kids are particularly susceptible as they tend to use portable screens more often, for longer amounts fo time, and can grow into it since their spines are still elongating. The good news is that riding a hoverboard requires core strength to maintain your balance.

As kids stand and make micro-adjustments with their core muscles, they strengthen their cores and this leads to better posture. And we all know how much kids slouch. It’s been the never-ending battle for parents of all eras. So how great is it that one of their favorite activities actually helps them stand up straight?

It Burn Calories

Swagtron Twist Remix Hoverboard Benefits Kids

For a standard electric hoverboard, the rider burns around 300 calories in 30 minutes of riding. That really is not that bad at all! It’s certainly not running a marathon, but in our digital age getting kids out and active can be challenging. And what kid these days doesn’t want to ride a hoverboard?

Improving Focus and Reflexes

Swagtron Twist Remix Hoverboard Benefits KidsWith 500 watts of power, the Swagtron Twist Remix can get up to 7MPH. Which doesn’t seem like a lot until you’re on top of it. I know, I tried it. And I didn’t fall on my butt! But I certainly was not super stable on it, even with the “learning mode” self-balancing feature turned on. The fact that even my 3-year-old can hop on it and move wherever she wants (only in a safe space where she can’t go too fast) blows me away. Once my oldest mastered it he loves to casually just stand on it in the living room and chat away.Swagtron Twist Remix Hoverboard Benefits Kids

So while it doesn’t seem like he’s paying much attention, the amount of focus it takes to operate it is quite in-depth. You have to constantly be aware of how your feet are positioned, how you’re leaning, where your body weight is on your feet, and more. And then you have to be able to make tiny little adjustments on the fly. This was my biggest hang-up. I couldn’t make my brain adjust my feet quick enough to keep me from spinning in place, blech. So I can attest to the way this must improve your focus and reflexes.

Benefits Kids’ Balance

Swagtron Twist Remix Hoverboard Benefits Kids

As I mentioned above, my brain just didn’t want to make my feet adjust as need quickly enough to get the hoverboard still or moving in a straight line. My balance is certainly not what it used to be. But I hope if I keep trying to ride this thing it will improve. I have seen my oldest son’s balance improve with consistent riding. He takes Taekwando and his balance for his kicks has gotten so much better since he started riding every day. So I’m hoping mine will too!

Check out this short video!

Overall, all the benefits kids experience are pretty great for something that seems so lazy. All three of my kids have seen a difference in their dexterity and balance since we got the Swagtron Twist Remix, it’s pretty impressive.

Swagtron Twist Remix Hoverboard Benefits Kids

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4 thoughts on “How Riding a Hoverboard Benefits Kids”

  1. The Hoverboards look like so much fun. I bet it’s very beneficial to improving balance. My grandchildren would really enjoy one.

  2. I have always thought Hoover-boards were very bad for your children until I read this review. I never knew there were so many benefits. Thanks for sharing this information.

  3. I can imagine how much core work goes into staying stable on one of these after having tried to get on one for only a few minutes. I am in favor of anything that gets kids outside away from all the electronics.

  4. I got both of my grandchildren one of these last Christmas. They love them. I didn’t know all the benefits from riding these. Thank you so much for sharing this


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