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How Pre-Portioned Meals Keep You on Track

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How Pre-Portioned Meals Keep You on Track

Easy and Filling Meals will keep you Fresh n’ Lean

For someone constantly fighting the weight-loss battle, and often not winning, this time of the year can be the most difficult. I’m hungry and surrounded by candy and holiday foods. Just about everything else pales in comparison. It’s tough to lose weight or eat healthy when you want to stuff your face with junk. Fresh n’ Lean has incredibly turned my opinion around on healthy delivered meals. The pre-portioned meals are actually filling and delicious. 

Quick, easy, and delicious mealsPre-Portioned Meals

Benefits of Pre-Portioned MealsPre-Portioned Meals

I must admit, in my quest to eat healthier, I’m probably the worst at portioning my meals correctly. When I get hungry, I want to EAT. I’m not afraid to load up my plate. I can make a healthy and well-balanced meal, but then I want to eat ALL of it. These pre-portioned meals from Fresh n’ Lean really helped get me on track.

Because the meals are pre-portioned to have the right balance of nutrients plus they are simple sized to be the size they are, they were filling. I could eat the whole thing, but not feel too hungry after. I didn’t want to eat any more than I already had. After 4 days of eating these, I felt confident that I could better portion my own meals so I could stop over eating what I had.

Choices, ChoicesPre-Portioned Meals

I chose the Ion Performance Paleo since I try to be low-carb and I enjoy my meat. They have three other plans including Ion Performance Protein +, Standard Plant Based, and Low Carb/Low Cal Plant Based. Or you have the choice of purchasing meals and side a la carte.

What I absolutely loved was the fact I could choose exactly what I don’t want or like so anything with these items in a mean would not be included.  I don’t like mushrooms and I don’t eat any fish or seafood. The list was pretty extensive though, lots of options in case you have an allergy or hate something. Most of the veggie mixes included cauliflower, which I normally do not like but it’s not bad when mixed in with the other veggies and sauces.

Healthy and YummyPre-Portioned Meals

My meals arrived within 2-days in a  sealed insulated box with 4 huge ice packs. Bonus that the ice packs are reusable for my kids’ lunches! Each meal is clearly labeled and easy to read. Many include the name of what the meal is on the side of the label that wraps around to that you can see what meal it is even when they are neatly stacked in the fridge. They also take up NO room at all int eh fridge. I had 6 trays stacked an I could easily fit them stacked on top of my deli drawer. It would be so easy to keep a couple weeks worth or even a month’s worth of meals in the fridge at any time.Pre-Portioned MealsEach label clearly lists the ingredients and nutritional facts. As promised, carbs were kept fairly low in my meals and LOTS of protein. The ingredients included lots of veggies, which we all know is often the most lacking in our diets. But I never felt like I was eating all veggies. The flavors are varied and are SO yummy. Seriously. Unlike other “healthy” meals the flavors were there and knocked it out of the park. I could easily eat these for every meal. Plus they have snacks and desserts like chocolate cakes and strawberry mango crumbles. You’ll love them.Pre-Portioned Meals

Well on the WayPre-Portioned Meals

So after a week of eating these, I feel great. It is so much easier to eat properly portioned meals, even if I don’t have any more pre-portioned meals. I stay fuller, longer, and have even lost a couple of pounds. I feel like I’m ready to tackle the rest of the holiday season in a much healthier way, and so can you. Fresh n’ Lean makes it SO easy to do too. The pre-portioned meals are not only plate-licking delicious but also healthy. You can’t beat that.


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  1. I find that portion control is the best way for me to control my weight. Having a proportioned meal would really be helpful to keep from overeating. I like the choices of meals offered.


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