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Holiday Gift Guide for Her

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Powered by Mom Blog is thrilled to bring you a Holiday Gift Guide for Her!

We've made it even easier for you this year. We've divided up the Gift Guide into categories! Simply click on the "gifts" below to see what we have listed for that category. We are constantly adding to all the categories and we will also be adding giveaways as we go along so don't forget to keep checking back for ideas and of course to enter the giveaways!

Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Gifts for Kids Gifts for the Family Gifts for Pets Gifts for Him Gifts for Her House & Home Gifts
We’ll be adding to this list even more AND yes there will be some giveaways coming up later in November and December so make sure you keep checking back! 

Swanky Outlet - Designer Bedding at Sale Prices - GIVEAWAY GO HERE ends 12/30 Open Worldwide!

Love the look of this Martha Stewart Dreamtime Embroidered Floral Duvet Cover


I don't know about you but I LOVE getting new bedding. It's not something I get very often but when I do love it. I like selecting colors and patterns t give a new look to my bedroom or my daughter's bedroom. Something with color, something pretty or to make hubby happy something not too girly but still has some color. Swanky Outlet has it all, the designers you're looking for but at better prices then you would find at other places for the same designers. Love Ralph Lauren, Martha Stewart, Vera Wang bedding and more? Swanky Outlet is for you!

Luxe Jewelry Designs GIVEAWAY GO HERE ENDS 12/27 US/CAN

 Luxe Designs the place you want to get your personalized jewelry from! Gorgeous pieces that will have meaning to you and they have such a variety of items to customize even ones for your beloved pets too!

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2011openr (1)

 Maggie Bags - GO HERE for the REVIEW & GIVEAWAY starts 11/21 ends 12/1 US Only

Maggie Bags are wonderful gifts any time of the year but make someone very happy this holiday season by giving them one of these beautiful Butterfly Bags. Maggie Bags has a wonderful selection of handbags and totes in various sizes and many gorgeous colors and patterns. Fashionable and eco-friendly as they're made from re-purposed seatbelt material! Maggie Bags are so eye catching everyone will want to know where you got your handbag!



  QT Performance Hurricane Advanced Tourmaline Hair Dryer - Flat Iron Experts

hair dryer 2

I don't know any woman who doesn't need a hair dryer and this one from Flat Iron Experts is top of the line! It dries your hair in 50% LESS time than most and it's a professional model hair dryer great for professionsals and non-professional ladies and men. With my long hair I love hair dryers that cut down my drying time but don't make my hair dried out or frizzy. This one does that and cuts down on frizziness and static electricity. It has far-infrared heat and low EMF and more! A great gift for anyone!




mia mariu

Mia Mariu is about beauty and health in harmony and most importantly happiness and balance for women everywhere. Their line of health and beauty products are designed in mind to help you shine and illuminate your beauty inside and out. You can get top quality beauty products from Mia Mariu at reasonable prices and can rest assure that what you’re putting in and on your body from Mia Mariu is only the best.



South Hill Designs by Jamie & Stacie Markham - GIVEAWAY COMING SOON


Jewelry that customer create themselves is a wonderful gift idea. Personalize your gift by creating it but don't worry it's easy to do and in the end your loved one gets a beautiful and special gift.

Jordache Skinny Jeans for Women and Girls

I know they're called skinny jeans but that doesn't mean they're meant for super skinny people it's a style which means everyone should be able to wear them! Jordache makes skinny jeans that the average woman and girl can wear and look good in them! They are also very reasonably priced!


You know the name they've been around a long time, I know I drooled over having my own Jordache jeans when I was a teenager and that was a long time ago.!

Great Stocking Stuffer Hello Kitty Pendant & Necklace

Only $1.99 + FREE Shipping on Amazon GO HERE

hello kitty rhinestone necklace

Womens Polka Dot Chiffon Long Scarf/Shawl various colors - Stocking stuffer!

ONLY $2.01 + FREE Shipping on Amazon GO HERE 


By on November 3rd, 2013

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57 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide for Her”

  1. Theses are all very nice gifts. I would love to have the Lugz Kimi boots! They are super cute! The Womens Polka Dot Chiffon Long Scarf/Shawls are also very nice. I really like those too!

  2. I like everything that you have in your Holiday Gift Guide for Women! I like the gorgeous Lugz boots and the hair dryer to smooth out my hair is awesome. I like the scarf because it looks so stylish and warm! You really did a great job in putting together a wonderful Holiday gift guide. Thanks for your giveaway to win these items!

  3. I love the scarf from JMT Hot Sale Fashion Charming Warm Dot Scarf Women Ladies Girls' Shawl Wrap! It looks like something my daughter would wear.

  4. I really like all the giveaways but I had to choose one I would say I really like the luxe jewelry designs giveaway that is coming soon.

  5. I have been using my daughters hair dryer for quite some time. When I use it my hair gets so dry and frizzy. Would love a better one.

  6. There are so many awesome gift ideas! I love the maggie bags and I am excited about the Lug boots giveaway! Thanks for sharing all these products with us 😉

  7. Oh I want that hair dryer so bad. I think I will add it to my list. My dryer I have now only puts out hit air for a short while, and then I am stuck with cold air.

  8. For my Daughter I got her the Scented Guerlain Meterorites Perles Illuminating Powder. I would to see a Giveaway focused on something like this......?

  9. I gotta say I LOVE the Maggie Bags the most! I really like the "repurposed" idea and they look like they are so sturdy and well made! The color options are GREAT too!

  10. There are so many Holiday gift guide prizes that I love! I like the Lugz Kimi boots, South Hill Designs and the Polka Dot scarf!

  11. What a great deal on the Miss Kitty jewelry. Have a young niece who loves Miss Kitty! But I would not want to spend a lot of money on some for her, she is only 4! Thanks for this lead!

  12. I love The QT Performance Hurricane Advanced Tourmaline Hair Dryer, my blow dryer fell and cracked 🙁 this would be a great christmas gift!

  13. I love the idea of the Luxe customizable jewelry. I just had my daughter in January and would love a piece of jewelery customize to my liking to commerate her birth. 🙂

  14. I love the Maggie Bag! I really need something like this for just going away for a 2 day weekend and it also can be used for a number of other things, That's what makes it so special. would really love to have one.


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