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Give Mom the Gift of Practical Luxury with a Cordless Vacuum

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The STEVA+ Complete Cleaning System Works as Hard as You Do!

We moms wear many hats. We can be called on to be a nurse one day and a little league coach the next. There's homework to help with, clothes to iron, meals to prepare... I could go on but you don't have the time to read the list and frankly it makes me tired to think of all I need to do. 🙂 nugeni has finally given us a product that wears almost as many hats as we do! The STEVA+ Complete Cleaning System is going to make your life much easier!

cordless vacuum

This cordless vacuum and steamer is a Powered by Mom Top Pick for our Holiday Gift Guide!  Read on to find out why!

About the STEVA+ Complete Cleaning System:

nugeni means quality coupled with the power of steam and the knowledge that you’re creating a healthy cleaning environment for your family and pets.
Complete with powerful, cordless handheld vacuum and upright vacuum, steam mop and mobile steam cleaner, the Nugeni Steva+ is an interchangeable cleaning appliance that replaces other cleaning products with one unique system.

Some of the great features that I loved about the STEVA+ Complete Cleaning System are:

  • One appliance has replaced virtually all of my other cleaning appliances. It's a vacuum, steamer, mop, and handheld vacuum perfect for the cushions in furniture and my car!
  • My family suffers from Allergies.  We love the AllergyAware vacuum filter with Dual Layer technology because it helps reduce allergy and asthma triggers.
  • I may or may not be a germaphobe... I love that I can sanitize virtually every surface in my home so easily!
  • Helps clean up clutter by eliminating the need for so many appliances
  • Lots of Accessories to fit every need that may arise

cordless vacuum

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Mom's Thoughts:

As previously mentioned, we mama's are pros at multitasking. I'm in love with this cordless vacuum and steamer that works like I do. I have been able to clean out that cleaning closet that was cluttered with too many appliances. With the STEVA+ Complete Cleaning System, I don't need them any longer! I can vacuum the car, steam the kitchen floor, mop the bathrooms, and vacuum the kids bedroom with this one versatile system! Guys, you want to know the only thing that could make this Cleaning System better...? I promise you, if you'll put your hand on the handle and push this thing around the den floors... you are going to get some MAJOR brownie points! 😉

I'm telling you, this has the potential to be the MOST romantic gift you have ever given to your lady!

Let's talk individual components to the system:

Cordless Vacuum:

- Quiet 70 DB noise levels (75 DB on TURBO MODE) allows you to clean without disturbing the whole house.
- Large 60 cubic inch capacity dump bin empties with the touch of a button
- Perfect for low to medium pile carpets or messes on any hard floor surfaces in your home!
- Built in On Board Brush Tool for quick handheld clean ups
- Reusable, Cleanable, and Exchangeable
- AllergyAware filter with Dual Layer technology reduces allergy and asthma triggers.   AND MORE

cordless vacuum


-High Pressure Steam Nozzle with Detail Cleaning Brushes
-Garment Tool with Brush and Steam Cylinder Tool with Washable Cleaning Cloths
-Squeegee Tool for Windows and Glass
-Extension Hose with rotating handle for comfortable use in any direction, and reduced stress on the hand and wrist
-Convenient Fill Cup
-Steam Floor Diffuser Base for steam mop conversion
-2 Different Floor Steam Cloths for Steam Mop (for a total of 4 mop cloths)
-Accessory Storage Bag
-Steam Protective Floor Pad for resting your Steam Mop during use  AND MORE

cleaning system

What will you get with the STEVA+ Complete Cleaning System?

Includes our Complete Line of Accessories 

- Powerstick (Mopstick)
- Handheld Vacuum
- Handheld Steamer
Vac Accessories:
- Long Reach Extension Wand
- Hard Floor Tool
- Vacuum Tool Adapter
- Crevice Tool
- Extendable Brush Tool
- Power Adapter
- Charging & Storage Dock
Steam Accessories:
- High Pressure Steam Nozzle
- Bristle Detail Brush
- Brass Detail Brush
- Steam Floor Diffuser Base
- Steam Protective Floor Pad
- Squeegee Tool
- Garment Tool with Brush
- Fiber Cover for Garment Tool
- Fiber Cleaning Cloth
- Fiber Scrubbing Cloth
- Steamer Extension Hose
- Steam Cylinder
- Fiber Cover for Steam Cylinder
- Shoulder Strap
- Filling Pitcher
- Accessory Storage Bag

I know that's a lot of info but like us females, this is a complex, versatile, working machine! This cordless vacuum and steamer knows how to get the job done!

Go here and order yours today!

By on December 10th, 2017

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  1. We've got terrible allergies in our family! We combat them with a lot of vacuuming and cleaning (we're on first name basis with our carpet cleaners which helps a lot, but I think a new vacuum could do a better job. We'll have to look into this one! Thanks for your review! It looks like a great, versatile vacuum.


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