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Gifts for Dads, Grads & More – Anti Theft Backpack

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Gifts for Dads, Grads & Everyone in Between

Smartphone Friendly Anti Theft Backpack & Security Camera

It’s that time of the year where everyone is wondering what to get dads, grads and others for a gift. I like to think of gifts that have multiple/practical uses with a little tech to appeal to the geek in me and gifts they never knew they wanted until they received it. Enter a smartphone-friendly anti-theft backpack and security camera. smartphone friendly anti theft backpack

We were provided these products as compensation but as always all opinions are 100% our own.

Whether you’re a dad, grad or just someone who uses a backpack (almost all of us), how often have you worried about someone getting into your backpack with you knowing? I know I have worried, especially when I travel and I always have a backpack as a carry-on when I fly or even for road trips.smartphone friendly anti theft backpackBackpacks are great for carrying our stuff from our iPads to our laptops, water bottles and more. Whether in high school or university students generally also have a backpack so why not have one that has some cool features. Enter the Travel Fusion smartphone friendly anti theft backpack. smartphone friendly anti theft backpackMany backpacks sacrifice usability for safety, but not the award-winning Travel Fusion Anti-Theft Backpack. It features a TSA-approved zipper lock, extendable steel coil to lock around posts and tamper-resistant zippers while still being fashionable, lightweight and offering 4 gallons of storage capacity. On top of that is an external USB and micro USB charging port so your phone or favorite gadget is never out of power.smartphone friendly anti theft backpackI love that this anti theft backpack is also easily adjustable for the person wearing it. From my very petite daughter pictured above to her dad wearing it in the photo below.

  • The FlexPack Pro’s scientifically engineered storage maximizes the backpack’s space and makes for ease of packing your electronics.
  • The insulated pouch can also be used to store shoes, laundry, or an umbrella, keeping the rest of the FlexPack dry and clean.
  • The provided outlet allows you to charge your devices when move.
  • A durable rubber handle to ensure a premium feel while grabbing hold of your bag.
  • The breathable material provides comfort while reducing stress on the shoulders

smartphone friendly anti theft backpackThis anti theft backpack with its sleek design is also rugged enough to endure travels by car, plane, train or automobile. Hubby even took it camping as pictured above. While he wasn’t worried about anyone getting into the backpack while camping it’s nice to have such a versatile backpack.smartphone friendly anti theft backpackIn addition, when he went hiking with it he could easily keep his phone charged without having to dig into the bag to plug it in. A very handy feature to keep his hands-free and easy access to his phone while charging it. This makes it easy to pull out the smartphone to stop and take some photos of the amazing scenery no matter where you are.smartphone friendly anti theft backpack

Here’s the 411 on this Anti Theft, Smartphone Friendly Backpack

  • ANTI-THEFT DESIGN – Retractable high strength metal coil and TSA approved combination lock.
  • EXTERNAL USB CHARGING PORTS – Easily access your power bank with external USB and micro USB charging ports. Insulated leak proof internal pouch for hot and cold storage. Also ideal to store wet clothing or umbrella. (10 in x 4.3 in x 5.5 in) Zippered pouch on shoulder straps for credit card and cash. Durable rubber carry strap
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT AND DESIGN – Premium padding and breathability in shoulder straps with horizontal chest strap to reduce load and stress.
  • Padded internal pocket for 15.6 inch laptop. Water resistant polyester exterior and burst proof zippers 18 Liter storage capacity with secure pockets for electronics, important documents, clothing, and more. Full access back panel for easy packing
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll refund your order within 6 months of purchase.

This awesome anti-theft backpack can be purchased on Amazon HERE.

Give the gift of peace of mind with a security camera

security camera
Cleo our newest rescue dog. Such a sweetie but adjusting to knowing she now has a forever home.

Whether the dad in your life has little kids, older kids, grads, fur kids or maybe his vintage car or new bike is his baby having a security camera can provide peace of mind. For my hubby and I with two dogs both of whom are rescues and fairly new to the family we like to check in on them on the rare occasions we have to leave them at home. Apollo and especially Cleo who just joined the family two months ago and is two year’s old she’s still adjusting and not always happy if we can’t take her with us. apollo the rescue dog

Apollo happy as a clam on the beach on our recent trip with him and Cleo.When we recently took a road trip with Apollo and Cleo we stayed at a cabin and got to have all sorts of fun with them taking them to the beach where they could run to their hearts content. However, we brought the ALC Wireless’ HD security camera with full 180-degree, color viewing, night vision, motion detection and easy set up. We brought it for the few times we had to leave them in the cabins while we went swimming in the pool which as you can imagine doesn’t allow dogs.security camera

This gave us the ability to check up on them and ensure they weren’t stressing out and because it links to the existing router and transmits both video and audio to our smartphone or tablet 24/7, we could “talk” to them if they appeared anxious. This was also perfect for us to check and make sure they weren’t barking and disturbing our surrounding cabin neighbors. It was simply fabulous and we will take it with us again, at home we use it for the same purpose, mainly to ensure they are not in distress because we are not home.

It brings us peace of mind to know that they do stop barking and whining not long after we leave, so yes our pups are as capable of giving us the guilt trip as our daughter was when she was younger. She used to scream and cry when we dropped her off at daycare, our daycare provider assured us she stopped no more than 5 minutes after we left. If only I had one of these cameras at the time I wouldn’t have felt so guilty back then.

Bonus it records to its own micro SD card, there’s no danger of footage leaking out and push notifications keep you on top of anything that happens. Best of all, you can stand it up on its own so there’s no need to put any holes in walls, and it’s fully wireless. Did I mention it also has 30’ of night vision and infrared filter for true daytime color provide excellent images day or night. A handy gift indeed for parents and anyone really whether it’s their first apartment, first dog/cat or last home. Peace of mind is always welcome. You can also get this camera on Amazon.

Now do you see what I mean about gifts for dads, grads and everyone in between, ones that they might not have known they wanted until they got it. I think the anti theft backpack and this security camera are great gifts that also have that tech angle for other geeks like myself and hubby.
If you get them let us know how you like them!
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