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Get the Kids Playing Outside Again

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Get the Kids Playing Outside Again

Step2 Makes it fun to be outside

Of my 3 kids, only one likes to be outside really. She's the sporty one and doesn't care how cold, or snowy, or rainy, or muddy it is. She'll still go outside with her scooter, rollerblades, soccer ball, or whatever she can find, even if it is for only 5 minutes at a time. My teenager is, well, a teenager. My 10-year-old often likes to play with his little sister, but it can be difficult to convince him to get outside if the weather is not perfect. Ever since we got this All Around Playtime Patio with Canopy™ from Step2, it gets both kids playing outside again. Plus, there are so many benefits of kids playing outside! I like to encourage it whenever I can. 

Adult Assembly Required

kids playing outside

Disclaimer: This review was done by team member Emily. She was provided product in exchange for her honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are her own and were not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way.

Like most outdoor playsets this does come in one rectangular box in pieces. It was lightweight and easy to move. Unfortunately, I didn't get started on it until later in the afternoon and I ran out of time to build this all in one go then we had freezing raid for 8-9 days in a row. It recommends having two people build this set, but I did it with just me in less than 2 hours. It might have only been about 1 hour and 15 minutes total build time by myself. The most difficult part was holding certain pieces tight while putting the screws in. Luckily a set of pliers really helped. 

Important Notes

While you use screws to hold the pieces together, there are usually no pre-drilled holes for the screws. There might be an indent where the screw should go, but the screw will make its hole as you put it in. This is noted in the instructions, but it's not highlighted so it is easy to miss.

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Get the kids playing outside again, even in the winter, with this super fun playset that is big enough for all the kids to share!

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I also had a couple of issues assembling the grill and putting in the hooks. Those do have pre-drilled holes, but the ones in my set were so small that there was no way to push the required elements into these holes. I managed to get the grill together by widening the holes slightly by inserting a pair of needle nose pliers and twisting. This slowly widens the hole until I could push the pieces in. One hook I was unable to get onto the set and ended up bending and breaking the hook trying to get it in. This was not a huge deal but a little disappointing. 

Big and Wide Open

While this is listed for toddlers, and being big enough for multiple toddlers, I can say it is big enough for my 7 and 10-year-olds no problem. I love that Step2 features a child wheelchair user in their photos as well. It is inclusive and shows that this play set is more than big enough for many kids to play with. My kids are not big kids, but my 10-year-old barely has to duck to get under the canopy. I love that my kids can still use this set for years to come!

Feature Filled

kids playing outside

This set has a play grill, a sand and water table (with easy to use drains), and a snack table for fake or real snacks! My kids want to use this in the summer time for their lemonade stand! The counter is perfect for that.  It comes with a bunch of accessories to play with and my kids were happy to add their own for playing outside. As you can see, the ice cream was a bit hit outside with this playset. The doors easily swing open and closed. There is a cover that can go over the sand or water table for added counter space. The water table also has a tower for water pouring fun. As a parent, I love the mesh bag that comes with it so all those accessories can be kept together in one place.

Protected from the Elements

kids playing outside

I was worries about putting the canopy together, but it was probably the easiest and quickest part of assembly. 

kids playing outside

The canopy itself has a vented top so the wind won't rip it up. The posts are anchored on the bottom of each corner with a tightened clamp-like piece so the wind will not lift the canopy free, nor lift at all. It is not heavy, but heavy enough that it would probably take hurricane force winds to really lift it away. The canopy actually did well in the days following final assembly, keeping the very middle dry. It still gets rained on along the edges, but it protects pretty well from rain falling straight down. My son will also love this in the summer, as it will protect and shade them from the hot sun. The material feels strong and sturdy, so I hope it lasts!

Kids Playing Outside

kids playing outside

So far this play set has served as a fun restaurant, hot cocoa stand, house, telescope stand, and soccer goal. With summer plans of making it into a lemonade stand! Between this and their other gifts this year, my kids are getting outside a lot more than they used to. Especially my son! Even when it's chilly outside, he loves getting outside for a bit to play here. I cannot wait to see how else their imaginations decide to use it. I love knowing that it is sturdy enough and fun enough that my elementary-aged kids still love it. It has been a wonderful addition to our back yard! Be sure to check out ALL the great playsets, toys, and outdoor gear for kids that is offered by Step2!



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