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Genuine Health Gut Superfood Review

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What Is So Important About Gut Health?

Many people still do not realize the connection between our gut and health issues.  Out gut is said to be our "second brain". That sounds crazy, but it IS part of our neurological system. A large percentage of our immune system is in our gut. So when we consume all the processed food that is on the market today it has a humongous effect on our health and immunity.

So Why Genuine Health?

Genuine Health has several products to assist you in having good gut health.  One is their Gut Superfood+. I decided to try the summer berry pomegranate flavor. My honest opinion of the flavor is that it is just o.k. Now, that is coming from a super, super picky person.  I'm pretty much a meat and potatoes kind of gal and not alot of spice, however, I have been drinking this and it is ok. However, the benefits I see when drinking this, far outweigh my lack of love for the taste! (taste is such a subjective thing anyway) I feel better when drinking this, no bloat and intestinal issues.  I love that this company does not use fillers or other ingredients, just the real foods you need. I believe they have been in business for over 20 years, that is saying something for their products.


Wait There's More......

Genuine Health also has some great probiotics.  Probiotics are the way to help correct the balance in your digestive system. Our gut has good bacteria and bad bacteria. You really want/need the good bacteria to flourish!  Did you know when you take a round of antibiotic it kills the good with the bad. That puts you in a deficient, probiotics is a way to put that back.  I take two probiotics every night.

They also have a fermented superfood which comes in a couple of flavors, so there is no reason for your gut health to suffer, get some of this and feed your "second brain", your body will thank you.

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Last But Not Least

I added in the Omega 3 with the supplements I take. I believe this has been the biggest difference for me. I have been struggling lately with some really down days and awful mood swings (getting older is not for sissys!). I have noticed an improvement lately in my mood and my clarity of thought. This brand of Omega 3 does not have a fishy taste and there is no burping afterword. That, my friends, is a blessing.  Take care of your gut and make sure it is healthy, you will be glad you did!


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2 thoughts on “Genuine Health Gut Superfood Review”

  1. They say fermented foods are so very important to intestinal health . And your intestines are a huge part of your immune system. These sound like great products.

  2. I have been looking for a good drink supplement. I have an issue with my gut health due to chemo I am on, so a probiotic is necessary for me to have daily and I am not fond of yogurts. This could be the way I can incorporate it in my diet!!


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