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Garden of Life RAW Meal Review

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Powered by Mom’s Garden of Life RAW Meal Review

When I first started out on the road to ditching my family’s not as healthy as we could be lifestyle for one that we knew was the right path, I knew next to nothing about the path I’d decided to embark on. I had only ever bought run of the mill groceries at our local chain stores and my home was filled with products that were laden down with icky chemicals. More than anything else though, mine and my families eating habits were just atrocious.

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I had no idea that for years I was doing more harm than good for my family but when I was made aware of this whole new lifestyle. Bit by bit I try to get organic whenever I can, I look at the ingredients, checking for certifications like Non-GMO verified and more. My cabinet with all of my “health foods” has been dwindled away and replaced with the real versions, healthy ones where we’ve checked labels and read it twice.

We’ve come a long way, my family and I, on the path of being a healthier centered family; which is why being able to work with Garden of Life has been such a marvel for me. For someone who knew little about the USDA organic, Non-GMO verified and all the things to look for on labels, I began my journey, it was an amazing opportunity to work with a company who cared so much about their goals of bringing their customers the best products available.

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Empower. Extraordinary. Health. These three goals used to create a very fast and effective health system at Garden of Life, where they stretch the extra mile to help people become healthier and happier. Partnering with health-care professionals, they are able to use the highest quality of raw, natural ingredients to insure that your body gets the best boost that your money can buy while offering a variety of supplements that range form natural, GMO-free vitamins to natural organic detoxification. What ever your health needs are, you can find products that meet your specific needs at Tree of Life.

For my review this time I was sent the RAW Meal in Vanilla.

The RAW Meal  has everything you need to keep yourself going for the day. It’s a meal replacement so whether you prefer to skip lunch or dinner, it’s great at keeping you full without sacrificing anything you need. Specially formulated, it can be used in place of a snack or meal and is a great replacement that satisfies hunger, is naturally filling, and provides energy that’ll keep you going strong all day. It’s jam packed with all the protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals that you’d find in a full raw meal.

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Used as a snack or meal replacement, the RAW Meal supplement is filled with live probiotics, enzymes and RAW food-created vitamins and minerals. It’s also loaded with 45 super foods from RAW Organic seeds, sprouts and greens so it provides more than 40 grams of protein, 10-12 grams of fiber and 2.5 grams of fat which makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to cut back their weight.

I particularly like to have the RAW Meal in my smoothie on hot summer days like today where I’m not up for a big meal, don’t really feel like cooking but would love something cold, refreshing, full of nutrients and will fill me up. That’s what the RAW meal does for me, it fills me up the most and I can be lazy and still be getting a power pack of nutrients. Now that I love!

I can’t wait to try the RAW Meal Vanilla Spiced Chai. Doesn’t that sound amazing?!

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