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Games for Outdoor Family Time

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Games for Outdoor Family Time

Let's face it, the pandemic has left many kids watching a lot of television. I get it, mine have been too. I really want them outside though playing. How do you entice them to get outside for some outdoor family time? The first thing I would do is start as a family. Knowing from experience just telling kids to get outside to play doesn’t do a thing.

Whenever I do that, nine times out of ten they come back inside five minutes later saying they are bored. If I go out there with them, I can make that stretch out a little longer. So that’s what I did, I decided to put my computer down for a little bit and get out there with them for a little outdoor family time.

Check out the T-shirts that Dan and I made with the kids. Not bad, and I must say, love does rule 😉                                                                    

Disclaimer: This review was done by team member Katrina. She was provided product in exchange for her honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are her own and were not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way

One way of doing that is a group activity, and I love crafts. chalk-of-the-town makes these shirts that you can draw on over and over. We all decided on making our own. What’s nice is that the package comes with everything you need and the kids' ones even come with little stencils. All you need to bring is your imagination to the table.

outdoor family time

outdoor family time You can order straight from chalk-of-the-town website or you can even order from Amazon as it’s available on prime and is available in sizes from XS to XL for adult and youth sizes as well. Amazon also has a lot of color options as well.

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outdoor family time

Canon saw the HyperStrike on the deck before we really got it out and asked me how far it would shoot and if it would go over the house. I thought to myself, you know, I’m not sure, let’s find out. You know what, it does. I’m not saying you should try it (not sure about the size of your house, but if you air high enough and pull back really hard your kids have mad respect for you. Plus, it’s really fun to look for afterward.

outdoor family time

After that, I let Fallon and Canon go at it and they had a blast hitting a target. When you pull back hard enough it really does go fast. We may have to get another one.

outdoor family time

Next up was Curve Ball. Think lacrosse on a shorter stick and you got it. All you have to do is put the ball in the cradle and throw it to the other person. Fallon figured it out fast that it’s easier to do it underhanded. Once they got that figured out they were well on their way to toss it back and forth to each other. They even threw it to me.

outdoor family time

outdoor family time

How to end the night 

Finish the night off roasting marshmallows in a fire. Of course, you need a roaster to help you out and Hog Wild makes one for kids so it’s easier for them to roast hot dogs or marshmallows. They are perfect as they extend far enough out so they don't get burned. This way you have the perfect dog or marshmallow every time. 

outdoor family time

Next time you have a day planned to spend with the kiddos take a look for these products at Amazon and go have a little fun.  

It was so nice to spend part of the day with a couple of the kiddos at least. They were off their devices and really focusing on old school fun, playing like the kid that they are. 

PIN these ideas for your reference for later!

Turn off the devices and go to your yard or a park for some outdoor family time. We're sharing some ideas that will get you moving and having fun.

All these can be found on Amazon and with Prime, you can get them super fast. Weather permitting of course you can have a great day of fun with your crew. 

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