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Galaxy's Edge Pro Tips: Conquer Black Spire Outpost

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Disney's Galaxy's Edge Pro Tips: Conquer Black Spire Outpost

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is a vast new area in Disneyland and coming soon to Walt Disney World. The interactive land stages a conflict between the resistance and the First Order on a previously neutral and isolated world. To play your part and make the most of your own Star Wars adventure follow these Galaxy's Edge pro tips.

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Galaxy's Edge Pro Tips

Gear up

To really live your Star Wars adventure you need the right equipment to do it. Download the Disney Play app and set up a profile for the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Datapad. this tool will give you the ability to interact with the Black Spire Outpost in a number of ways, including hacking controls, scanning cargo, tuning in to satellite communications and more.

There will be apparel for kids who want to dress the part as well. Black Spire Outfitters has everything a Padawan needs. They are also encouraged to wear their own costumes pursuant to Disney's guidelines.

Disney's Galaxy's Edge stormtroopers


A couple of Galaxy's Edge pro tips regarding surveillance. know the lay of the land before you head in. It's not exactly tricky, but there are a lot of details. The layout of Galaxy's Edge is also an aspect of the storytelling of the land. The Resistance Forest is on one end of Black Spire and the First Order are located on the other. Both sides are battling for control of the Outpost. You will find 7 merchandise locations and five food and drink locations pretty close to one another. The one outlier is the Milk Stand, which is near First Order Cargo.

There is no table service restaurant, but Docking Bay 7 has a menu that changes throughout the day. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner have separate offerings. Oga's Cantina is also open for breakfast. Although they do not serve food there (aside from a bar mix), they do have morning cocktails.Galaxy's Edge Pro Tips

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Two things to prioritize on your visit to Batuu are Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run and Savi and Son Salvage. In Savi's workshop, you can build your own lightsaber for $200 plus tax. It's an experience that involves a little showmanship and takes about 20 minutes. However, it's very popular and they do run out of scrap metal sometimes. Millennium Falcon is the only attraction in Galaxy's Edge, so it's popular as well. Your efforts on Smugglers Run will have an impact on the rest of your experience in Galaxy's Edge, so don't wait. Get on faster by using the single rider line.

Galaxy's Edge Pro Tips

Plan of Attack

Savi and Son Salvage and Oga's Cantina both have a virtual check-in process, which means that they will text you when an opening in the line becomes available. Make sure you do this if you want to have either of these experiences. Note that Oga's Cantina has limited seating and is mostly standing room.

While in Galaxy's Edge, use your Datapad as much as possible to play your part in the galactic struggle. You can do jobs for either side and join the fight to win control over Black Spire Outpost.

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Galaxy's Edge Pro Tips Star Wars Land

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Galaxy's Edge Overview


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  1. Perfect timing. We leave for Orlando next week. Our daughter and granddaughter will be joining us. They are both huge Star Wars fans. We are all excited about this. We have really been looking forward to it. Our granddaughter is 8 and your other post is helpful.

  2. My daughter and I have really been wanting to visit Galaxy's Edge! We are both big Star Wars fans. These tips will be very helpful when we get the chance to go there. Thanks!

  3. My goodness my husband and youngest child would love this place! They are super Star Wars fans. The sheer size of some of those ship replicas is stunning. I love how everything blends in there too like the ships with the rock areas and just overall feel of it. Stunning place to visit.

  4. I had no idea that Galaxy Edge was a new Star Wars adventure!! We are huge Star Wars fans and would love this adventure! We wouldn’t even mind eating at Oga’s Cantina! Which has limited seating and is mostly standing room. This sounds like an out of this world ???? space orbit ????
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