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It's a Fun Party Any Time with Fobbles!

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It's a Fun Party Any Time with Fobbles!

For a great time, you need friends, food, and fun. Get your friends together anytime, throw together some snacks and break out the Fobbles. What are Fobbles? Fog filled bubbles! With this unique machine and customized liquid solutions, you have the perfect setting for a great, fun time.


The Machine

The Fobbles machine itself is incredibly lightweight. Its power cord comes attached and the control unit is easy to plug in the back. This can be replaced with the Variable Control Timer or the Wireless Control unit. It's all up to you and how you want to use this consumer model fog and bubble machine. Once you plug it in, fill the Fobbles Fog Fluid in the back tank and the Fobbles Bubble fluid in the front.


Turn on the red power button and let it warm up for about 3-5 minutes. Once it's warmed up you can flip the fog power switch and it'll start producing fog.

The Fog and Haze

The fog is thick and spreads well. If you turn on the power to the fan on the Fobbles machine it will disperse the fog somewhat producing more of a haze effect. Now, my favorite holiday is Halloween. I try to go all out. This is going to be perfect by my entryway. Yes, it's a little loud but much quieter than the cheapie fog machine I got from the Halloween store in the past. And this produces much more fog for longer periods of time. I imagine it won't take long to fill in an enclosed area with fog.

On its own, fog produces for about 24-25 seconds, then the machine must reset for about 1 minute. The machine has to heat up to a proper temp to produce the fog, but no machine can sustain such temps without melting, thus the cycling.

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The Bubbles

Once the machine is properly warmed up you can run the bubbles pretty much continuously so far as we can tell. The only hold up we noticed is that if the level of the liquid in the front tank dips below the hole on the rotating wands, it might not fully cover the hole and thus not produce bubbles in front of the fan. For the bubbles to work you must turn on the fan and the bubble switches. This thing can produce a TON of bubbles and my kids LOVE it. They were chasing bubbles all over the yard for quite a while.

The Ultimate Fobbles


Now, when you turn on the fog, fan, and bubbles you get the absolute most unique feature of this machine. Fobbles! This pushes the fog through and into the bubbles created fog-filled bubbles. They are SO fun. It does help to have a fan at the front of the Fobbles machine to help lift the Fobbles and better disperse them. The fog makes the bubbles heavier, so they need a bit of a boost. Once they get going, however, they really last! They were flying away above my roof and around the house. I'm sure the neighbors wouldn't know what to think when they saw these Fobbles floating toward the street!

The kids love when they do finally pop and a little burst of "smoke" comes out. It's really fun and definitely unique. It works so well! The machine has to cycle a bit more often than with just the fog, but only by about a second or two. Again, in an enclosed space your Fobbles should last pretty well throughout the cycles (If you don't have little kids determined to pop every last one as quickly as possible! LOL).


Of course, I wish it cycled a little bit faster so we could enjoy more Fobbles, but the wait between cycles is worth it.  We are having so much fun playing with Fobbles. This will be great for Halloween and I think we just took my kids' birthday parties up a notch as well! You can get your very own Fobbles machine from there website HERE or on Amazon.


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By on July 23rd, 2018

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7 thoughts on “It's a Fun Party Any Time with Fobbles!”

  1. I have never seen anything like this. My birthday is on Halloween so I will have to get this so my granddaughters can enjoy.

  2. Oh my gosh. This may be the coolest thing I've seen in forever! I try to be the gramma that buys unique gifts instead of the current popular toy of the season. You may have solved my problem! Bubbles never go out of style but this may make basic bubbles a thing of the past!

  3. This looks like a lot of fun I would love to buy this for my daughters birthdays..It is reasonably priced to so I might look into this for the next bday..

  4. Fobbles machine does seem like tons of fun especially for a party. My kids would have loved this when they were younger.


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