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Flawless Wifi Coverage for Your Home

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Flawless Wifi Coverage for Your Home

Forget lagging, dead spots, and slowdowns with Eero.

I'm not fond of split-level homes, but that is exactly what mine is. It's okay, I live with it. But it made getting a Wifi signal in certain parts of my house near impossible. Our existing modem and router had to be placed in only one place in our house and it's in a far outside corner. SO annoying! If I was having a movie night in the basement, forget getting a signal. Up in my bedroom, I could get a signal, but it was slow. Our existing router would drop the connection constantly and even my computer that sits about 10 feet away suffered. Then we got the Eero system and our Wifi coverage is perfect in every corner of our house.

Wifi Coverage


Setting up most wireless systems in your house requires a number of cables and then a special program or setting up a network through your operating system. With Eero all you have to do is download their app on iPhone or Android and follow the tutorial. It walks you through setting up the main unit. Simply unplug your modem and router, connect the ethernet cable from the modem to the Eero and plug them back in. It is that simple. Then it asks you to name your network and set a password. That's it. Seriously. It takes 5 minutes and your newer, better wifi is ready to go.

Wifi Coverage

The Beacons

Wifi Coverage

Then your app will ask if you have beacons. My set came with two. It then asks about the layout of your house. Based on how many floors you input and the shape of your house, it will show you where the best locations for the beacons. It does recommend an openly visible location for better coverage. Then you just follow the app, plug in the beacon, and you're done. It's maybe an extra 5 minutes to set up two beacons. The beacons take the signal from the main unit and boost it, ensuring you have coverage over your whole house.

Wifi Coverage

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It's also super smart. With TrueMesh technology the Eero system can intelligently reroute the traffic you put through your internet so send the best signal where you need it. This means less buffering and fewer dropoffs.

A Parents Dream

Wifi Coverage


The app also lets you see every device that is connected to the network. You can then set up profiles and apply parental controls to profiles. This means if your kid is constantly on their tablet (like mine) I can make sure they are not accessing anything they shouldn't PLUS I can limit the amount of time they spend on that device. I can set certain hours that they are allowed to use the internet on that device. It's pretty cool. You also Eero Pro free for the first 30 days and can try out ad blocking, password management, and so much more.

Most Importantly, Does it Work?

Wifi Coverage

Different routers behave differently. So even if you had a previous router that worked great and provided Wifi anywhere in your home, the next might not. Antennas are different and some operate on different wavelengths. Most only use one wavelength. Eero is different. It is Tri-Band, meaning it operates on 3 different frequencies. It uses TrueMesh Technology that makes sure you are getting the best and smoothest signal wherever you are. Plus the system is updated automatically to keep it caught up with the latest and greatest. And it's all run from your phone.

I used an independent speed test app to test my speeds before and after switching to Eero. Now, my internet service did not change and I had the same modem. That being said, my numbers were consistently better and more "even" after switching to Eero. Meaning that though the numbers didn't jump up a ton, I was getting a better signal in places where it was dismal. And that signal was stronger and more steady. There are no dropoffs and no more reboots. I no longer about having to work from my bed while getting my youngest to sleep. I'm super excited to switch my internet to new service with faster speeds here soon.

In short (or not), it works. And it works wonderfully. I, literally, have no more worries about my internet at home now. This was after years of everything taking twice as long for the constant dropoffs and reboots with my existing router. Eero has been incredibly beneficial, and I know that anyone who uses their internet constantly will love it too.

By on February 2nd, 2019

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13 thoughts on “Flawless Wifi Coverage for Your Home”

  1. This looks like a great product. We have a lot of problems with our internet service too. We shouldn't though because we pay alot of money every month to have it. I am intrested in seeing if this product would help.

  2. This is something that my niece needs in her home. She has 2 teenagers who love their tech toys alot, they watch movies alot and mom is on her computer..............

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this. We need this so bad, I get tired of just waiting for the internet when the wi-fi is low. I hope it will help us just a little.

  4. I had not heard of Eero until now. This would really help a lot for a couple of rooms in our house that get spotty wifi reception.

  5. I sympathize with you! I know what you went through with wi-fi reaching all corners of your home with two floors or more. I guess we are not supposed to have connection everywhere. So I appreciate this review and I pinned it! I guess EERO has been around a while, because I see that there is a second generation of products.
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. This looks like exactly what I need! I like the easy set up. Wi-fi coverage in my house tends to be spotty and replacing my old router didn't help much.

  7. I am going to check this out, because we have horrible wi-fi in our house. There are dead spots, and I think this will really help us. The TrueMesh technology sounds awesome.


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