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Febreze Air Purifiers Review

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Powered by Mom’s Febreze Air Purifiers Review

The Science of smells – The Good vs. The Bad

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Did you know that studies show that smells are strongly associated with emotions and can put you in a good mood or a bad mood? This makes sense to me as I know when I get a whiff of my favorite dessert creme caramel it always makes me happy. Not just because I love that dessert but it also brings back memories of my mom who was the one that taught me to make it creme caramel.

I love how Febreze Air Purifiers can help with dust, pet, dander and pollen! I have two dogs, a cat whom technically I’m allergic to cats and dust and pollen! Febreze air purifiers really help me, I’m so glad I have them as my allergies are always a lot better or not bothering me at all when I have an air purifier going!


I’m sure most of us have also experienced a time where we were either sick or had a bad day and if we happen to smell something strong at the time that catching the scent of that smell brings back negative feelings. For me it’s the scent of hazelnut coffee, I was really sick with the flu one time and nothing was staying down when I someone walked in the house with a hazelnut coffee. Now I always associate that smell with being sick and I’m sure you’re not surprised to find out that I don’t like drinking hazelnut coffee ever!

I received this tabletop Febreze air purifier which sits on my desk in my office. In fact as I write this post it’s behind me now and I have to say I have to stop to listen for it as it’s quiet on the low setting.

Febreze table top air purifier review

My cat Oliver visits me all of the time when I’m in my office so I have to have an air purifier going all of the time. I like that while I’m working I can release the scent on it to help me feel more positive and keep on working! I just turned around and saw that Oliver was on my desk next to the Febreze air purifier lol. I guess he knows he needs to let his dander get caught with the air purifier 🙂

febreze tabletop top view

So if nice floral smells can be evoke a positive mood along with scents like vanilla and more yummy ones that I like then it makes scents sense (see what I did there lol) to have smells in your home that create that positive feeling. Febreze has brought us the best of both worlds, air purifiers that clean the air with their HEPA-type filter that reduces up to 990% of airborne particles while also releasing the fresh Febreze scents like linen and sky!

febreze tower

I also received the Febreze FHT190V Tower HEPA-Type Air Purifier (pictured above) which is good for a room up to 170 sq ft so it’s in our family room where we watch movies and more, the perfect place for this air purifier. It’s the only room that also has a rug and our two dogs and cat often join us in that room as we sit back, relax and watch a show!

Febreze™ Air Purifiers are the only air purifiers specially designed to powerfully clean the air, eliminate odors and add freshening with Febreze™ scent. Breathe Cleaner Air, Breathe Happy!

febreze air purifier tower top view

At this time the scents that you can get for the Febreze air purifiers are linen & sky and the spring and renewal scents, both are very nice and you can adjust how strong of a scent comes out. You can of course use your Febreze air purifiers without the scent too and just have it on when you need the boost for a more positive mood 🙂

Overall I’m very happy with both of my Febreze Air Purifiers which are also very reasonably priced at $64.99 & $94.99 respectively. I know that my air is cleaner and refreshed thanks to the Febreze Air Purifiers.

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103 thoughts on “Febreze Air Purifiers Review”

  1. I like that this is small enough to fit on a table and that you can choose to release scent or not. That’s a great feature to have.

  2. I learned the product reduces up to 990% of airborne particles while also releasing the fresh Febreze scents like linen and sky! =)

  3. I love the smell of Febreze, so this sounds great. It would work great to freshen the air in the bathroom where I keep the litter box or in the living room since I have dust dander allergies and this would definitely help with that.

  4. I was wondering how much space this machine could handle and learned 170 sq ft. That is actually bigger than I thought and would be perfect for where I need it!

  5. This is great for us! We are all allergic (year-round), and are constantly sneezing, etc. Also, we have an 8 lane highway RIGHT outside, so we can’t even open the windows to freshen the air. I love it cause it can remove 99% of the stuff in the air that is bothering us!

  6. I like that the purifier is quiet on the low setting. I have a weird thing with background noise, and that is something I would worry about.

  7. This air air prior sounds great! I love the febreeze scent option. My husband and son have allergies as well, so I think this would help them breathe a little better!

  8. My son and I are allergy and hives unless we take our meds and use purifiers. Our neighbours ( who we share a wall with) smoke and own dogs. This is so hard on us! It also makes MY house smell like WE smoke! I hate it! Until we an move im using all kinds of candles and room sprays, which is not good on our asthma. This scented purifier would be so cool!!! i had no idea they could leave a scent as well as clean the air!

  9. I love that the Febreze Air Purifier cleans the air of pollutants while getting rid of odors & adds a fresh scent to the room. As well, I like the fact that it comes in different styles so you can get one that goes best with your room!

  10. I loved reading that it’s quiet. I have so many little things making noise, I really don’t want to add to the chaos. But I NEED one of these! We just learned that my 11-year-old son is highly allergic to cats, dogs, and milk. We have 3 outside dogs and 4 inside/outside cats! He’s devastated that he can’t let Bella sleep with him anymore. We’ve moved the cat door to the master bedroom, and we cleaned the house top to bottom & end to end. But maybe with an air purifier we could see if the cats can be in the living room with Wyatt … as long as he doesn’t touch them. Maybe. It’s worth a shot!

  11. I like that Hepa-type filter reduces up to 990 / air particles while releasing feberze fragrant linen & sky…..Also like the style.

  12. I love that it captures more than 99 percent of airborne pollutants. Not only that, but you can add great scents.

  13. I love that there are 3 different sizes that serve the same purpose of purifying air, eliminating odors with a fresh scent. I can use this all over my house!

  14. I like that the HEPA-type filter reduces up to 99% of airborne particles and the Febreze purifier makes your home smell nice at the same time.

  15. This would really help with pets and the family room being in the basement. I would love to have one of these. We also have allergies and I think this would help with that.

  16. love that it takes care of dust * dander * smaller air particles– & it is quiet- a nice scent is a bonus .

  17. I like that this table top air purifier combines powerful air cleaning, odor elimination, and the freshening scent of Febreze!

  18. The Febreze Table Top Air Purifier sounds amazing! I would love to mask a few scents in my home from time to time! lol I’d love to try the vanilla scent. I’m sure it would be my favorite 🙂

  19. I love this! My Son visits and has to keep going outside since his allergies always act up. It breaks my heart and I think this would help a lot 🙂

  20. Wonderful review. I love smells, so I would love to get one of these. Thanks for sharing your wonderful review!

  21. I learned that the scents available at this time are Linen & Sky. Coincidentally, those are the scents of Febreeze plug-ins I buy most often.

  22. I love that its small and sleek looking and helps with pet dander. I have a long haired cat and two kids , I have been seriously reading reviews and thinking about getting a purifier. We moved into this older house and all the sudden I was having respiratory issues and I have never had anything like that happen before!

  23. Iv’e learned that studies show that smells are strongly associated with emotions and can put you in a good mood or a bad mood.

  24. I learned that it helps cut down on the pet dander and dust which in turn helps with allergies. I also like that it leaves the room smelling clean.

  25. I like that the purifier is powerful enough to clean the air, eliminates odors and is quiet. That is wonderful!

  26. I learned that not only do the purifiers clean the air but they freshen the air. I have HORRIBLE allergies which affect me year round. I keep a rescue inhaler, allergy eyedrops and nasal spray beside me at home and in my purse when I leave the house at all times. Something like this could be quite a life changer for me.

  27. I love that this Febreze Air Purifier cleans the air and releases amazing Febreze scents at the same time! I also like that it’s quiet and can help me with my cat allergies! My husband and I have 2 cats, so I think this could help tremendously!

  28. I love that it helps with allergens, dust and pollen. It also gives out a nice scent and is super quiet. Homerun!

  29. Though I like the idea of the scents, I most like that the febreze air purifier captures 99% of airborne pollutants such as pet dander, dust, pollen and smoke as tiny as two microns and eliminate odors. This would be great to have in my living room as that is the room most used in my house.

  30. I like that it cleans the air and smells good too. Did you say caramel? I love the smell of caramel. I’d be running this all day.

  31. I have never used an air purifier before and it sounds like I should. The Febreze Air Purifier sounds perfect for me. I love how you can control the scent. I like to be able to walk in a room and not be overpowered by strong scents. I have copd and cannot breath with strong scents.

  32. I really need to look into this! The fact that you feel like your allergies are better under control is all I need to hear! All of us suffer from allergies, year round!

  33. I didn’t realize that it helps with dust. I guess it’s logical but I just never thought about it! I like that it refreshes the air with Febreeze!

  34. I really like the fact that it can help with dust and pollen, I have terrible allergies and I’m always battling the dust in my house. I think this would be great to have.

  35. I love this, I have awful allergies. This would be great. I like that it cleans odors and leaves a fresh scent.

  36. I like the fact that this is Quiet and that it attracts pet dander! I also like the ability to control the scent dispersion myself!!!

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