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Fashion and Function Collide with the Newest Thirty One Bags

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Check out the latest and GREATEST bags from Thirty-One Gifts

Looking for a fashionable bag that meets the many demands life throws at you?

Check out the Studio line from Thirty-One!

I have a love affair with bags. Not just any bags, mind you... My bags must meet two very important criteria: 1) They MUST be cute, 2) My bags MUST be functional! I'm a busy mama and I don't have to time to fumble thru my bag for keys or pens. I need a bag that has "a place for everything". However, I still want my bag to reflect my style. Studio Thirty Bags are rocking my world on BOTH counts!

While I feel completely justified in my love for cute bags, my sweet hubby just doesn't get it. He has carried TWO wallets in the 25 years we have been together. Granted with the quality of bags I get from Thirty-One, I could carry the same one for years but... Well you know. I am woman. Woman likes change! 🙂 With the newest line from Thirty-One, change is as easy as 1-2-3 AND it's super affordable!

About Studio from Thirty-One:

Choices, choices! Let our design team help you put together your perfect purse: Start with this coordinated bundle of one Modern body, one flap and one strap from our custom Studio Thirty-One Collection, specially chosen by our in-house designers to be right on trend. The most versatile handbag in our line, its flaps and crossbody or shoulder straps are fully interchangeable to switch out your look in a snap! Add stylish flaps, straps and personalization to your Studio Thirty-One order for the freedom to redesign your perfect bag for day, work, weekends, travel, shopping and more!

Thirty-One Bags

Thirty-One has created the PERFECT bag for us ladies who go from sweet to sassy! Studio offers a wide variety of flaps that are super simple to change out on their super soft bags! You can go classy for a business dinner or change that flap and go out for a girls night with the clan! The choices are endless!

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Thirty-One Bags

Why I love Studio Thirty-One:

  • First (and most obvious) -CHOICES CHOICES CHOICES! I can buy one quality bag and change the look anytime I want with a simple zip!
  • POCKETS! I LOVE the pockets! The one on the outside houses my smart phone perfectly! It keeps my phone within reach no matter where I am. We moms know, that phone has to be accessible in case one of the babes calls!
  • It's roomy enough to fit everything I need! Again, as a mom, I may have everything in my bag from a pacifier to a matchbox car. I don't necessarily like the HUGE bulky bags, but this bag from Thirty-One catches it all with room to spare.
  • VERSATILE! I can change out the straps with a snap to go crossbody or traditional!
  • Monogramming makes the flap pop!

Thirty-One Bags

You need a wallet with that new bag!

I'm trying out the All About the Benjamins wallet from Thirty-One along with my Studio bag. I can't say enough how much I LOVE this wallet! The open design keeps everything in eyesight, right where I need it. There are plenty of places to keep cards without having to cram three in one slot (one of my pet peeves!).

All About the Benjamins Key Features:

  • Pebble faux leather
  • Poly satin lining
  • Zipper closure
  • 12 credit card slots, two bill slots and an ID window
  • Interior zipper pocket and an open compartment
  • Approx. 4.75"H x 8"L x 1"D

This wallet is super versatile! I can carry it in my Studio bag or I can attach the wristlet strap and just carry the wallet. LOVE that feature for when I'm just running in a store quickly! The zipper closure ensures that what I place in my wallet stays put. No worries about losing identification or "Benjamins" with this sturdy wallet!

Go here and see the MANY options Studio has to offer and go ahead and pick out a few flaps! You'll be glad you did!

Want to WIN a Studio bag from Thirty-One? Check back on Friday to see how you can WIN!

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75 thoughts on “Fashion and Function Collide with the Newest Thirty One Bags”

  1. I need to try this bag! With spring around the corner I will need to upgrade to something more functional than a winter jacket pocket to house the many things my son throws at me to hold!

  2. My wife loves these bags. She likes that they have pockets and are roomy for everything. She also likes that she can change the straps.

  3. These are beautiful bags and the quality is second to none! I understand the need to have multiple bags but it is true, the quality of this brand eliminates the need to replace them.... but there are so many styles that it is just fun to have several!

  4. I love that thirty one is doing this build your own bag. That is such a great ideas for those of us that like to change bags often but don't have a lot of money to do so. Also like the march special of half off if you buy thirty five dollars worth of stuff.

  5. I stepped away from thirty one as their stuff started to look all the same. However, I have to say this bag is different and I like it. I like the options on it.

  6. I love that with the stylish wallets from Thirty One bags you can be versatile and attach the wristlet strap and just carry the wallet when running quick errands.

  7. I have been a fan of this company for a long time. The cross body bag is what I am most interested in at the moment.

  8. I like that they have a nice cross body style. I like to be hands free. I also love the monogram. I like my purses to be personalized.

  9. I love that they have crossbody style because that is the only style that is practical for me. I don't want to worry about setting my bag down somewhere and leaving it behind.

  10. I LOVE the wallets! I’m obsessed with bags and I LOVE the bags! I like big bags like shoppers and hobo bags..my last bag purchase was an absolute disappointment! I have to check out these bags!

  11. I love how you can go from Sweet to sassy in a matter of mins. Don't want the shoulder strap? You can change it out, plus I love to match out my wallet to match a bag, I have never had a 31 bag but would love to say I tried one and would tell everyone how much I love it..

  12. The options are amazing. They seem to have something for everyone and every occasion on their site. I am so glad to hear they have tons of pockets too!

  13. These bags are so cute...and I love how you can personalize them! Thirty-One products are not only fashionable, but they are really well made!

  14. I sold Thirty-one for 3 years and I still carry my purses I bought and earned. I love this new idea. Great quality and awesome choices.


    In case you didn’t already know, Thirty-One’s got it going on!

    •VARIETY- There’s Seriously something (bag, pouch, thermal etc) for every one of us! Crazy-busy Momma contantly finding something to cram-in the diaper bag “just in case”? “Less is More” is your style? Sit-down and take a breather Momma, because you honestly don’t have to worry about it the diaberbag pat with Thirty-One! Have a man/boy in the house that REALLY wants a new lunch box that “works, holds everything & isn’t ugly”? Again, Thirty-One AND their CONSULTANTS actually not only have it all, they CARE!

    •STYLE- Need a “Croossbody” for health reasons, shoulders & backs are very importantly as they carry us through life? Need a backpack? New home or baby & Needing the right Toy box or laundry bin? He need tool bin for the garage? Like me, & NEED A “COLLECT-ALL” for the car?! I’m telling you, chat with Consultant!!

    •ENCOURAGING- When you do chat with a consultant, you’ll find INSTANTLY what I'm talking about!! The founders WANT to be their friends & WANT them to KNOW THEY ARE ROCK STARS, THEY HAVE THE POWER IN THEMSELVES TO BE ANY & EVERYTHING THEY WANT TO BE (remember being asked when you were little what you wanted to be) & THEY CAN OVER COME ANY OBSTACLE THAT COMES FORTH BECAUSE THEY HAVE A COMMITTED LIFELONG STRONG FRIEND! That people is ENCOURING & •PASSION!

  16. I love all the different bags they carry so you can really find one that suits your style. So many colors to pick from and you can have one with some personalization the letters are so cute on the flap too.

  17. I need a roomy bag too but I also need something that can be well organized or I have a terrible time finding what I need. These looks so stylish and would work well for me.

  18. I've never been able to afford a Thrity-One bag. I am impressed with the complete description of the bags, the pictures of them and the functionality of the bags. If a person didn't see the pictures you posted and read your review, they would know exactly what they were getting in terms of quality and features.


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