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Family Indoor Skydiving with iFLY Seattle

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Flying high with the family at iFLY Seattle Indoor Skydiving 

Welcome to the family fun adventure that is indoor Skydiving at iFLY Seattle

When I told my family that we were going to try some indoor skydiving at iFLY Seattle during our recent trip to Seattle Southside, a convenient destination right in Seattle’s backyard, I admit I was met with some skepticism.ifly entrance indoor skydivingHere’s My hubby and daughter just before we head in. They’re cautiously optimistic.

My husband is not fond of heights, he’s not scared of heights, just definitely not fond. He’s fine with flying in an airplane but the whole concept of indoor skydiving had him intrigued and cautious all at the same time. We were going to celebrate his birthday so the birthday boy decided to give it a try.

About iFLY

iFLY is the experiential entertainment company that created modern indoor skydiving…we make the dream of flight a reality by giving our customers “wings” in a safe and reliable environment.

iFLY started in 1998 as SkyVenture, LLC. Once we had developed the technology to create a stable, wall-to-wall cushion of air in a flight chamber, we knew we could offer an incredibly realistic and safe indoor skydiving experience. Today, iFLY has 37 locations around the world.

iFly indoor skydiving
When you arrive you check in on their touchscreen monitors. Make a reservation before going.

After check in if there’s anyone before you, you’ll get a chance to watch them in the wind tunnel. Each instructor also does a demo after their group like the photo below.ifly instructor indoor skydivingYou meet your instructor, have an orientation, watch a video and learn hand signals. Pay attention you want to know these hand signals  as you can’t hear anything in the wind tunnel.ifly hand signalsTime to get suited up and get a helmet etc.. Here’s my daughter she got a Moose helmet how cute. ifly moose helmetTime to fly. I went first as I was the most excited to try this out, I’ve always wanted to skydive but with my bad knees it’s out, thank goodness for iFLY Seattle’s indoor skydiving! I thought it would also be good for hubby and my daughter to see how it was with me to make them feel a little less concerned.IFLY MOM_929820Hubby was next and…he enjoyed it! This trip to Seattle Southside was to celebrate his birthday. He had an amazing time and it all started with iFLY! Our instructor Tyler was great, all of the instructors are friendly & humorous. You never feel unsafe ever.IFLY DAD_929806Our daughter went last, we each had two rounds she was smiling the whole time and happy she decided to go to iFLY Seattle for indoor skydiving. IFLY DAUGHTER_929834Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding or milestone, visiting the area, being a tourist at home, really an reason is a good one to go to iFLY Seattle. If you just want to have a fabulous experience, go!IFLY DAUGHTER_929833

We all had the option of whether or not to go “sky high” which is not super high but a total blast. This is the only time your instructor does not have his feet on the ground so he can take you up higher. Below hubby is making is ascent.high flying dad 2

It’s for anyone, kids, teens adults talk about the wind through your hair. Speaking of which ladies and guys with long hair, check my tips below for what to do with your hair before you indoor sky dive. Trust me you will thank me later.

This girl weighs nothing she’s flying.IFLY DAUGHTER SKY HIGH_929839Mom’s turn to go sky high.high flying momCheck out my daughter at iFly Seattle in the video below. 

On Valentine’s Day a Powered by Mom reader and friend of mine headed to Seattle Southside. She booked iFLY for her family which included her, hubby and 8 year old son. Her son wasn’t convinced he should do it so she shared the video below of my daughter who is also his babysitter. He decided if his idol could do it so could he. However, my friend herself was backing out, she said she had decided she would just watch. After I talked some more with her about our experience she said she would give it a try….

To see all of our videos from our iFLY experience check them out HERE and HERE

The end result for my friend? Minutes after she was done she posted on Facebook that it was AMAZING and she went sky high. I refrained from saying I told you so. Her son now wants her to build their own wind tunnel at home so they and our family can go whenever we want, got to love it.

See she’s smiling every time. ifly seattle daughter 2

Tips on iFLY Seattle’s Indoor Skydiving

  • Expect to be there an hour or so while you watch the group before you etc..
  • Pay attention to the hand signals you need to learn.
  • Wear sneakers, if you don’t that’s okay they have ones for you.
  • You can NOT bring anything with you in the wind tunnel area, no jewelry on you, phones etc.. They have lockers, they are not locked but you can see them from where you sit in the wind tunnel area.
  • Long hair? Braid it, yes braid it. I wish I had braided my hair because I only had a comb in my purse and my hair was very tangled from you know the high velocity wind. Braid it, you’re welcome.
  • Get a package with photos and video, awesome keepsake and they’re great quality.
  • Watch your instructor at the end and he goes sky high!

No this tunnel is not empty. Just look at what everyone is doing they’re looking way up as that’s where our instructor is LOLIFLY INSTRUCTOR SKY HIGH_929845

  • Due to arthritis I do have stiffness in my knees and wrists. I did not find this to be a problem but if you’re not in the best of shape (maybe even if you are) you may feel some muscle soreness a few hours later or the next day.
  • It’s hard to move, you feel like you’re not moving those legs or arms it takes work but oh it’s so worth it!
  • Relax and enjoy!

There’s our instructor

_929848Our daughter and instructor Tyler. She had a blast with him as you can see.ifly daughter with instructorWe all agreed it was awesome.ifly familyI’m sure you’ve guessed we had a wonderful time and can’t wait to go back! Check iFLY Seattle or one in your area and follow them on their channels below.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

For more fabulous places to visit, eat and stay in Seattle Southside check out Seattle Southside’s Visitor’s Website HERE

To see all our photos from our iFLY Seattle adventure check out our photo album HERE.

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82 thoughts on “Family Indoor Skydiving with iFLY Seattle”

  1. Well this one got my attention! I never knew there was such a thing as indoor skydiving. To think my girlfriend and I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane– when we could have just stay inside

  2. This looks like so much fun! I am definitely going to have to do it when I go to Seattle. And it’s a great activity if it ends up rainy!

  3. I would so love to have one of these in Arkansas!! I don’t know where the closest one would be. I want to really do this!

  4. Whoa! Oh my gosh. First when I saw the title, Skydiving, I was ready to say, ” Never me!” , but this is so funny and so cool. Love the goofy photos, and looks like you had so much fun. Would be great to try. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I have seen these on TV several times but have never tried it. I couldn’t anymore but my son might like to try it.

  6. My niece did this on a school fieldtrip in California and she said she had the time of her life. I really want to try this one day.

  7. I can remember the first time I saw them using something like this on TOP MODEL that I wanted to do it. But have never had the chance and at my age now don’t know if I would try it.

  8. This looks like a ton of fun for the whole family! I am going to check and see if they have something like this in my area. Thanks!

  9. Oh man, my kids would love this! If I ever find myself with that sort of pocket change, I know where I’ll take the family.

  10. They have a few of these places here in Illinois. I wanted to do this so bad, but my doctor said no. I was very disappointed, because my husband was a paratrooper in the Army when he fought in the Vietnam war and he said I would like it. Well I was a procrastinator! It looks safer and less scary than jumping out of a plane.
    Your instructor looked like he was fun and I liked the moose hat. My sister lives in Seattle. I’m going to ask her if she ever did this. I’m glad that a good time was had by all! Thanks for sharing your experience and pictures.

  11. So jealous!! Ive been wanting to do this SO BAD!! Im terrified to jump out of a plane but I would do this indoor one in a second!! It looks so fun!

  12. I would never, ever actually sky dive. The fact that they do this in a controlled environment might tempt me to try it! lol.

  13. Wow that looks like a lot of fun I’m wondering if Canada has the same thing you can visit and try out

    Good post!

  14. This looks like a blast! I wonder if they have other locations. I’ll have to check it out. My whole family would just love to experience this!


  16. We have an I-Fly here in Austin. We live a few blocks away from it. I haven’t been able to convince my family to try it yet. But it sure does look like fun.

  17. Hmm, I’m not fond of heights, either…so I’m not sure how I would do with this. But I have to admit it does look like fun. I’d be tempted.

  18. There is nothing like this here in Northeast PA. I know my grandson would love to do this. Not me!! I’m a big baby.

  19. This skydiving school looks amazing. My grown son went to a school like this one in Florida and has been skydiving for years. He really enjoys it.

  20. This is so amazing, I would love to do this with my grandchildren! I am going to see if we have something like it in Missouri!

  21. I have no desire to jump from a plane. But this yes! Looks like fun and I am sure you can’t hear with all the wind. Wonder if there is another one closer to me. Would be fun! Never even bough about being sore but makes sense.

  22. My family has never been to a fun thing like this. We have visited Seattle Washington once though and seen the first Starbucks.

  23. i would try this but i would never try actual sky diving. this does look like a lot of fun and it seems like it might be safe too.

  24. This would be so much fun……….. Have saw it on TV many times and always thought would love to give that a try. NO way I would ever jump out of a plane but this I could do


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