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Fall in Love with Your Lovely Bedding

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Fall in Love with Your Lovely Bedding

Get the softest high-tech sheets for the Day of Love

Valentine's Day is all about the love, right? And what is one love that will never do you wrong? Your bed! So gift yourself, your bed, or your significant other the lovely bedding from PeachSkinSheets that will make you never want to leave bed again.

lovely bedding

Disclaimer: This review was done by team member Emily. She was provided product in exchange for her honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are her own and were not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way.

Make PeachSkinSheets Your Valentine

There are a million and one ways I could tell you why I love PeachSkinSheets. For real! That is why I plan on spending Valentine's Day snuggled up with them. And now anyone can enjoy them with code: VALENTINE at checkout through February 15th, 2023. You can get any sheet set for $75 and any duvet set for $95. And seriously, how many sheet sets out there give you tags telling you not only where each side goes but WHEN?

Lovely Sheets Ready for a Lifetime of Commitment

These sheets hold up to pets, kids, and bedding. They don't start to sag after a lot of use and I have never had any tear. They are also stain resistant and pet hair-resistant. This means even when my kids have gotten sick in bed, brought juice up and spilled it, or their art project went outside the lines, I just wash my sheets and they are good to go. Plus there are other benefits to washing and drying these sheets.

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No More Wrinkles or Shrinking

So Soft, So Smooth

Just 20-minutes in the dryer is all you need. I love this as I can have nice, warm sheets ready in no time. They also have wrinkle-release technology that means, after the dryer, they will be wrinkle-free. This makes them look and feel great! Plus, these sheet swill fit on your bed, with 22"-deep pockets and all-around elastic, from day 1 to day 1000. This lovely bedding will not shrink now or ever. Plus they stay soft, no matter what.

Soft Cuddles for Snuggle Time

lovely bedding

Wonderfully, I find these sheets to be true to their word as well. They are super soft, like an extraordinary 1500 thread count level of softness, from the moment I take them out of the package. I simply open them up with the cute Peach Zipper Pull and pop them in the wash and dryer simply to get the wrinkles and creases out, and they go right on my bed. They are spandex-free so there are no rough patches to rub the skin. They are pill-resistant on the fitted sheets, so no little bits to constantly pick off, and feature a non-slip finish so they are soft, but NOT slippery. 

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Gift yourself, your bed, or your significant other the lovely bedding that will make you never want to leave bed again.

Health Benefits too?

You bet! With year-round allergies and a broken immune system, these sheets are perfect for me. They are anit-microbial to prevent dust and pollen from sticking to the sheets. Plus they are classified as hypoallergenic as well, so they won't trigger anything themselves. The fibers that make the sheets are never treated with pesticides either, so no need to worry about that. I can rest assured that they will not hold onto anything and I can sleep safe and healthy. 

Always Cool Always Warm

lovely bedding

Even if my bedroom is cold (I do keep it on the colder side) These sheets keep me warm and comfortable all night. I am prone to night sweats, however, no matter how chilly it is. I consider these sheets perfect for night sweats. The 21st century OEKO-TEX® certified SMART fabric stays breathable and wicks away moisture. I love the athletic-grade fabric. It is lightweight and airy, but I have never gotten cold or chilly in bed with these sheets, even when my house dropped to about 50 degrees one time. To be fair, my nose was cold, since I don't bury my head in the sheets!

A Thoughtful Gift

lovely bedding

Whether you have a kid heading off to school, a friend with a guest bed, or a partner in life to share with, these sheets make a thoughtful gift. Some may think it boring, but with more then 20+ color options to choose from, the bed will always been best-dressed. These sheets look great, feel great, and give me a great night's sleep. I really don't think you can go wrong with PeachSkinSheets

By on February 10th, 2023

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10 thoughts on “Fall in Love with Your Lovely Bedding”

  1. I learned that they won't shrink which is a big plus for me! Also that no matter if you sleep cold or warm, they will be the right temperature to keep you comfortable. I love the wrinkle-free factor, too and of course so many colors. I didn't know there were 20 different colors!

  2. I like that Peach skin sheets are soft and are pill-resistant. This may be a little weird but I also like that the sheets have a tag labeling the top and sides.

  3. I knew that Peachskins were soft and breathable, but I had no idea they were anti-microbial too. So important these days. Also, no wrinkles! No one likes to iron their bedding!

  4. Thank you for the review, I learned that these are anit-microbial to prevent dust and pollen. I love that they come with a tab that helps you track when to turn the sheets so they wear evenly.

    • The dust and pollen are prevented from getting stuck to the sheets is one of the things I learned from the review! Plus you can choose from more than 20 color options!


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