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Epic the Movie Fun Activity Sheets

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Powered by Mom Blog and family love the Fox Entertainment Movie Epic!

the queen


If you have seen Epic you know why we love it so much and if you haven’t we know that you will enjoy it as much as we will. In fact we’re going to give a blu-ray copy away from August 11-18! You can enter the giveaway HERE when it starts.

In the meantime we’ve been given some fun activity sheets for you and your family to enjoy in the meantime check them out below!

It’s time to connect the dots!

epic_connectdots_nod copy


How about making a hummingbird feeder and maybe you’ll get visited by your very own hummingbird who might just have a warrior of Nod riding it 🙂

epic_activitysheet_hummingbirdfeeder copy

By on August 11th, 2013

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10 thoughts on “Epic the Movie Fun Activity Sheets”

  1. That’s a cool hummingbird feeder! I’ve never seen one of that style before. You always see songbird feeders you can make yourself, but hardly ever hummingbird feeders. 🙂

  2. I’m looking forward to watching this with my littles. I’m sure he’s going to like it a lot. Thanks for this!


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