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Enrich Your Summer Cleanly

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Enrich Your Summer Cleanly

Summer is sizzling, literally. It is HOT out there! So I am doing my best to take care of myself and my family by ensuring my supplements and vitamins are pure and clean and drinking plenty of water. Luckily, I don't need to use water to take my supplements! Learn how to enrich your summer cleanly with Superior Source for you and your family.

enrich your summer

Disclaimer: This review was done by team member Emily. She was provided product in exchange for her honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are her own and were not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way.

For Family

enrich your summer

I may not always be the best about ensuring my kids get a full diet of balanced nutrition. But what I can do is make sure that me and my kids get supplements and vitamins that I know will be used by our bodies in a clean and efficient way. Ron Beckenfeld created Superior Supplements specifically because he wanted his family to have better vitamins and supplements.

Founding Father

Ron Beckenfeld started Superior Source MicroLingual® in 1998 due to his concern about his father’s Parkinson’s condition.  “When my father developed Parkinson’s, he already had a heart condition.  I realized he had problems swallowing traditional large tablets, which inspired me to find a way to help my dad and others who had similar problems swallowing the vitamins they needed. My dad had nitroglycerine tablets, which are very small and dissolve instantly, and he asked me why I couldn’t make vitamins like these.  This was the “ah-ha!” moment that started the evolution of instant dissolving tablets, and Superior Source was born. I was also concerned about all the additives and excessive amount of other ingredients found in conventional vitamin tablets, so decided to create a vitamin that was small and pure where potency isn’t lost in the high acid environment of the stomach.”

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No Water Needed

Ron started with a B-12 quick-dissolving soft-molded tablet. Then he continued to develop an entire line of clean and pure MicroLingual® instant dissolve tablets where users didn’t have to worry about swallowing. “When you want the best for you and your family, you can always trust Superior Source.” This technology also ensures that the nutrition is delivered directly to my blood stream.

The Best for my Kids

enrich your summer

Superior Source has MicroLingual® vitamins specifically designed with kids in mind with 96% less sugar than tradition gummies! I'm secure in knowing that even my youngest can take them without the risk of choking. They just dissolve under the tongue. No pills to swallow means ALL if that nutrition gets delivered to my child's system in a tasty and low-sugar way. I love that we don't have to rely on sugar-filled gummies any more!

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Learn how to enrich your summer cleanly for you and your family with vitamins and supplements that don't require any pills to swallow.

Pure and Clean

I love that all of these supplements are made in Ron's family-owned manufacturing facility. They are organic, GMO-free, sugar-free, and preservative-free. “We are a company built from a love for health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, and the need for a healthy and better life and continue to create new products to help all reach those goals.”

Enrich Your Summer

enrich your summer

This month is all about encouraging you to eat right, exercise, and work to prevent disease. Taking vitamin supplements can play a role in my optimum health and so, this is how I plan on staying healthy this summer. I'll drink plenty of water, but none is needed when I get the best nutrition for my body. I love the story behind these supplements as much as I love the supplements themselves.  Superior Source Vitamins has over 70 vitamins and supplements so I always find what I need. Clean. Pure and Simple — with NO ingredients you can’t pronounce — just the way nature intended.

By on July 29th, 2023

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Emily is a single mom to 3 young kids currently living in Kansas. A "Jill-of-all-trades", she really loves learning about anything, writing in all genres, hot and iced tea, and anything artsy. Her kids are her world and she is doing all she can to not only get by but support them in all their endeavors in life.

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13 thoughts on “Enrich Your Summer Cleanly”

  1. Traditional vitamins have extra fillers and ingredients that you don't necessarily want or need in them. Also these vitamins work well for people who have swallowing issues

  2. I like that he was inspired by his father to create vitamins that are also lower in sugar and easier for many to take. I'm going to recommend these to my parents.

  3. I learned that by swallowing pills you lose 50% of the potency. I would like to try a vitamin like this where you do not need to swallow any pills.

  4. What a sweet story about the inception of the company! Moreover, it's always hard to know which vitamin companies are of good quality. We often use Purtain's Pride or Swansons but I'm thinking we need to try this company because nothing is more important than keeping a strong immune system and staying healthy!

  5. I like that the kids vitamins don't have as much sugar. I also like that I don't need to take vitamins with water,and they are small,I have problems choking on the big vitamins from other brands.


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