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Eco-Friendly Pet Supplies Keep Everyone Happy

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Eco-Friendly Pet Supplies Keep Everyone Happy

We all want what is best for our pets and for the environment. Sometimes, that seems like it is difficult to do in our age of convenience. This is why I love Catalyst Cat Litter. It is a part of the eco-friendly pet supplies I use for my cats. It is so useful in so many other ways as well and it is all-natural and totally eco-friendly. Learn how you can go green with your pet supplies too! 

Eco-Friendly Pet Supplies

Disclaimer: This review was done by team member Emily. She was provided product in exchange for her honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are her own and were not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way.

Pick What is Best for your Pet

First thing’s first, I try to do what is best for my pet. Not all pets have the same needs but most pets can have their needs met in eco-friendly ways. I have a senior cat, an adult cat, and a kitten. Each needs food to meet their needs, clean water to drink as needed, and a clean and comfortable place to do their business.

Eco-Friendly Pet Supplies

Believe it or not, because a cat’s nose is so much more sensitive than a human’s, a stinky litter box is not just an annoyance for human owners. So I think it is important that a cat has a clean and stink-free litter box.

There are three different varieties of Catalyst Cat Litter to choose from. Healthy Cat variety is perfect for single cats. While it only lacks the “enhanced” clumping ability of the Multicat variety, I find it clumps as good if not better than traditional cat litters.

Eco-Friendly Pet Supplies

Both the Healthy Cat and Multicat varieties have a nice natural pine scent that is not too overwhelming. Cats do not like strong smells, even if they are pleasant ones. The Unscented variety is perfect for very young kittens, cats learning to litter-train, transitioning a cat from an unscented traditional litter to this Soft Wood litter, and for anyone who is sensitive to scents. 

What is Best for You?

I like things that are multi-use. One thing that does many jobs takes up less space and is handy in different situations. This Soft Wood litter also makes great bedding for small animals like hamsters or guinea pigs.

The pine-scented variety smells great. I am thinking of making little sachets with the litter inside for drawers, closets (pests typically hate pine smell) or stinky shoes. I even spread some of this on the icy ground outside for better traction when I walk on it. Then I know it’ll just break down! No more chemical ice melters ruining my lawn. 

Eco-Friendly Pet Supplies

I also try and do what’s best for me. As a single mom with three kids and now, three cats too, I want something that is easy, convenient, and not super high maintenance. I just don’t have the time to constantly change out litter in my cat’s pan.

I like using Catalyst cat litter because it controls smells wonderfully, clumps really well, and is easy to swap out. Plus it is so much more lightweight than traditional cat litter. I’m already tired from lugging kids and their stuff around, I don’t like to add heavy boxes of cat litter to that mix.

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Tread Carefully

Eco-Friendly Pet Supplies

One of the things I hated the most about changing the cat litter was simply walking up to the box. Usually, when I’m in the house, I do not wear shoes. It is just more sanitary. But stepping on grainy cat litter kicked out of the box was painful. And if it hurts my feet, I can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be for my cats. Even fine-grain varieties get gritty and uncomfortable. And I usually ended up with the chore of sweeping up the stray litter before even getting to the cat box. 

Eco-Friendly Pet Supplies

With Catalyst Upcycled Soft Wood Cat Litter, there is no dust, and the wood shavings are soft and flexible. This also makes them super absorbent! And while my cats do still kick some of the litter out of the pan, it’s no longer painful to clean it up. 

Eco-Friendly Pet Supplies

Catalyst was developed by Lignetics, Inc. They upcycles over 1,500,000 tons of wood waste a year, turning it into products such as heating pellets, BBQ pellets, animal bedding and home products as well as cat litter. Sustainability and a responsibility to our planet is core to our DNA. They are also a company that gives back and donates the litter to rescues and shelters that are especially in-need right now. 

Eco-Friendly Pet Supplies

I really try to do what I can to help the environment. I clean and sort my recyclables, I pick up litter, I try to minimize water and power usage, etc. Before, I was just throwing out stinky, dirty, and dusty clay/silica cat litter. Did you know that it can take a million years for that to break down fully in a landfill? I didn’t! Traditional clay litters are usually made of sodium bentonite, a mineral that is strip-mined and not biodegradable.

Eco-Friendly Pet Supplies

This Upcycled Soft Wood litter is created from leftover industrial-level sawmills that would otherwise just take it to the landfill. This way it gets put to good use before heading to the landfill to biodegrade in just is not only 4 times more effective per pound than traditional clay litters, but is also 4 times better absorbing and lasts twice as long for the same cost. And the bag it comes in can even be recycled anywhere that recycles plastic grocery bags. From top to bottom, this Catalyst Cat Litter is totally eco-friendly. 

Don’t Forget to PIN it!

Catalyst Cat Litter is eco-friendly and has other useful purposes too. It's an easy way to be more green while providing odor control for your a cat's litterbox.

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  1. Interesting! I’ve used the pine pellets for small animal bedding before. The only thing I don’t miss about not having a cat is the cat box, lol.

  2. I absolutely hate stepping on all the little cat litter pellets so am thinking I need to try another solution. I like this eco friendly one.


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