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Easy Food Prep with a Spice Grinder

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Easy Food Prep with the Best Spice Grinder and Pepper Mill

Do you have a spice grinder for easy meal prep? If not you need one and I’m going to share why. If you’ve been following Powered by Mom for a while you know I love food, hence all the recipes on our site. I love to talk about food, read about food, experience local dishes when travel so even our travel articles usually mention you got it food.

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When I’m prepping food at home whether for a recipe here on our site or just for my family I love it even more when food prep is easy. Well let me tell you I’m kicking myself because I never knew until now that a spice grinder was what I always needed to help me make food prep that much easier.

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FinaMill Pepper Mill & Spice Grinder

I’m officially in love with the the super handy dandy FinaMill Pepper Mill & Spice Grinder. Seriously it may just be the kitchen gadget you never knew you needed or maybe you all are much smarter than me and you did know. Even my daughter who is not much help in the kitchen most days actually loves using it and has been experimenting with the different spices with it. That’s HUGE, seriously, my daughter in the kitchen making different foods just to try out the FinaMill spice grinder is huge in this family.

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What is this kitchen tool from FinaMill?

Before I go on and on about why I personally like it let me give you the 411 official details on this marvelous battery operated kitchen gadget. It is the best way to grind whole spices of all shapes and sizes!

  • Mill whole spices, from petite poppy seeds to plus-size peppercorns
  • Operates with just one hand at the push of a button
  • Swappable grinding pods keep flavors distinct
  • Wide-mouth opening for easy spice refills
  • Built to last with durable ceramic grinding mechanism
  • Sleek, minimalist design looks great on your kitchen counter and dining room table

electric spice grinder

You can use this fabulous kitchen tool to make some delicious recipes like the ones below!

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Do you have a spice grinder for easy meal prep? If not I'm going to share why it's the kitchen tool you never knew you needed. Find out why it's such a handy tool in the kitchen.

Why do you want to use an Electric Spice Grinder?

There can be a ton of nutritional benefits to spices and of course for me it’s all about making your food taste amazing. Unfortunately though with many spices if you buy them pre-ground the volatile oils that give spices their vivid flavors could and most likely is already degraded. With the FinaMill Pepper Mill and Electric Spice Grinder you get to enjoy the amazing flavors of the spices and enjoy the benefits they can offer when adding them to your food as they are being grinded. Freshly ground doesn’t get better than that!

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Is the FinaMill Electric Spice Grinder Easy to Use?

Easy would be an understatement. This is the best spice grinder and so easy to use it’s child’s play and I’m not exaggerating. You fill the pod up with your favorite spice, place the grinder over the pod, press down and it’s attached. Press the button and out comes your freshly ground spice. I love HOW I can switch pods so easily and quickly and all with one hand too. 

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Check out our quick video to see for yourself just how easy it is to use this kitchen tool.


You can line up your spice filled pods and get them ready according to your recipe and it’s a push down and click of a button away to switch between pods. Check out our video to see I’m not exaggerating how easy this is. I seriously need to get myself some more pods ASAP! So many spices not enough pods….yet.

Whether I’m prepping for a photoshoot for one of my recipes for Powered by Mom or just cooking for myself or the family my new FinaMill spice grinder makes food prep so much easier. Multi-tasking cooks you will love this. Have multiple dishes to prepare just line up them pods peeps. 

electric spice grinder

You can even adjust the grind size so you can mill anything to a fine grind to course like black pepper and Himalayan Sea Salt like I have in my pods shown in our photos. Even if you’re just preparing some dishes that don’t require a ton of spices it’s still handy. Often for family meals I keep it simple for veggies and some meats and only add olive oil, pepper and a wee bit of salt just like in the veggies below. I’ll also be replacing our salt and pepper shakers and just leaving my FinaMill on the counter with the pepper pod and having the salt one handy when needed.

electric spice grinder

My FinaMill as you can see is the Sangria Red color but it also comes in 5 other colors and if you purchase one it comes with 2 swappable pods so you can get started on grinding. Just make sure you have 3 AA batteries on hand as they’re not included. You can also feel good about the fact that this awesome grinder is made with 100% BPA-free plastic. 

So are you ready to make your food prep easier and more flavorful? Go and grab a FinaMill Pepper Mill & Spice Grinder now via the shop widget below. Hint: they also make for great gifts. 

If you get one let us know how you liked it and what spices you’ve used for it so far. We love to hear from you all. 




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12 thoughts on “Easy Food Prep with a Spice Grinder”

  1. I definitely love this gadget! I use so much spice and herbs in my food prep that having this device is super essential, now that I’ve seen how easy to change the pods with different contents is.
    Wow, Michelle, this is liberating to have this grinder in the kitchen.

  2. This looks like something we should have in our kitchen. So easy, just push the button? Sadly, lately I’ve been relying more and more on pre-ground, pre-packaged spices, and it shows in the flavor. Nothing can really match fresh ground. But this looks just as easy as using pre-packaged, plus it;s so cute, too!

  3. I learned that it comes in 6 colors, and if you purchase one it comes with 2 swappable pods. I’ve never thought about using a spice grinder but it would be good to have on hand.

  4. I learned it can grind all sizes of spices. I like that is easy to use one hand with the push of a button.f

  5. What a handy product to have for home cooking. I love my pepper grinder but didn’t know there was anything like a grinder for fresh spices.

  6. What an awesome spice grinder! I love that it has separate spice pods so you can keep the flavors from mixing. I will definitely have to invest in one of these soon! I cook a lot, and this would be so helpful.

  7. I am obsessed with kitchen gadgets, and I have never seen a spice grinder like this. I love that you can use the same ginder and it uses swappable grinding pods.


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