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Decorate Your Home With Color Changing LED Lights

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 Decorate Your Home This Holiday Season with Enbrighten Seasons Color Changing LED Lights

 Enbrighten Color Changing LED Lights Transform Your Home from the Outside In

I have a secret. I've been planning since this past summer a welcoming holiday setting for our house from the outside in with Enbrighten Seasons Color Changing LED Lights.  What does that mean? I've envisioned for months now our friends and family arriving to our home and being welcomed first by beautiful holiday lights. Our street is dark with very few street lights and a dense forest on one side of the street.

Color Changing LED Lights 

I've been wanting to light up the front yard but not with ugly floodlights but beautiful lights that make people stop to look at our yard. As they walk up the lighted pathway and we welcome them into our home where they will see our staircase where the holiday lights continue. Check out the short video below as show you what our guests will see when they come to visit.

Jasco’s Enbrighten Color Changing LED Lights have helped me to transform the outside of our home from dark, dreary and unwelcoming to a festive look that we can change literally with a push of a button. I started my grand plan by first having part of our yard lit up with the Enbrighten Color Changing Lights. Once I saw how amazing they were I came up with the "grand plan" to decorate this holiday season from the outside in to greet our guests this holiday season.

Below is our front door entrance where I decorated with these awesome lights.

Enbrighten Color Changing LED Lights

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The Jasco’s Enbrighten Color Changing LED Lights have a variety of vibrant colors to help you celebrate any occasion or holiday. The possibilities are endless with these impact resistant, energy saving color-changing LED bulbs. If you love a white winter wonderland theme, have all warm white lights, for a cool winter theme or just because you like the color blue have all blue lights. If you can't decide on what color you like best, try them all! You can have the lights fade in from one color to the next, have two or three colors at the same time and much more.

Below you can see the lights in two different colors side by side.

I love the possibilities and my husband loves that he doesn't have to take the lights down after the holidays. It's one of many reasons why we didn't have holiday lights up before (much to my daughter's disappointment). My hubby doesn't love heights and he's a busy guy so it was hard for him to make time to put up lights he was going to have to take down a month or two later.

It snowed not long after we had put up more of the lights. Even though the picture below is during the daytime you can still see the pretty lights.

Color Changing LED Lights 

Now we can celebrate any occasion with just the push of a button on the Enbrighten Seasons Color Changing LED Lights remote. For Halloween I left them on orange and green lights, oh what fun. For this holiday season as you can see I can select all white lights, all blue, green, red & white, all red, well you get the idea.

Color Changing LED Lights 

Once the lights either hung (like on our staircase railing) or put in the ground like we have done in the yard your holiday decorating is a breeze. I can't tell you how many times our neighbors have stopped by to look at our lights and that was only when we had one side of the yard lit up.

Enbrighten Color Changing LED Lights
One of the lightbulbs up close in green mode and in the snow.

Now that we've got the whole front yard lighted and our staircase too we seem to be getting more and more visitors. As you can see on our staircase railing Jasco’s Enbrighten Color Changing LED Lights are the main feature but you add some colorful bows or a few other holiday decorations and you're good to go. I like to decorate but I like it even better when I can decorate quickly, without fuss and still have lovely holiday setting. Decorating my staircase railing only took me about 15 minutes, how easy was that? You can also hang the color changing LED lights across a ceiling or around a patio depending on what space you want to decorate this holiday season.

Your only limits are your imagination. What area of your home would you love to decorate with these beautiful color changing LED lights?

Enbrighten Color Changing LED Lights

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color changing LED lights

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  1. I love all your ideas and walking around our neighbourhood at night this year I've noticed that people are really taking great strides in making their house stand out-some even playing Christmas music.


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