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Custom Locket for Picture Perfect Memories

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Custom Locket for Picture Perfect Memories

I have not had a locket since I was a child. When I was a kid, lockets were a big deal. I have a couple with my initials, one from a boy in 1st grade because he had a crush on me, and a couple of decorative ones. But these days none mean a ton to me.

It seems like too much trouble to find photos I like and try and get them the correct size to print out, then cut out and have them stay in place. It’s just not worth it. Now, I not only have a beautiful custom locket from Pictures on Gold with photos of my kids inside that I was able to make it totally unique and special to me. 

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custom locket

Disclaimer: This review was done by team member Emily. She was provided product in exchange for her honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are her own and were not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way.

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Custom Locket to Make It Your Own

custom locket

My absolute favorite thing about this locket is that I could customize everything. From the choice of metal, front, back, insides, font, chain, and embellishments. I could make it exactly how I wanted it. I was blown away by the amount of text I was able to include on either the front or back.  6 lines of text on the front, 7 on the back, each 25 characters long. 

Your Photos, Your Way

custom locket

You can choose exactly what you want inside your locket. I chose to add two photos, each color laser engraved. They are beautifully rendered and covered in a protective clear cover. I could have also had them laser etched in black and white, or even just have them printed on photo paper and inserted.

Or I could choose to add a monogram or text inside, then add photos myself. But I certainly love the ease and permanence of having them laser engraved. I never have to worry about the photos falling out and losing them. 

Certified Unique

custom locketEvery piece of jewelry from Pictures on Gold that is laser engraved with a photo is certified unique with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity. I love knowing that care went into making the locket and that it truly is unique. It would also make a wonderful touch as a gift, showing the thoughtfulness of giving something truly one-of-a-kind. 

Keeping my Kids Close

custom locket

Honestly, I’m not big on heart-shaped jewelry. BUT because this piece is so unique and special to me, I absolutely love this locket from Pictures on Gold. A photo of all three of my kids shortly after my youngest was born faces a photo taken just a couple of weeks ago. Then and now.

My initials grace the front and one of my favorite quotes ever is inscribed on the back. “Your life is yours alone, rise up and live it” is a principle I try to live by every day and hope to pass on to my kids. The author of this quote, Terry Goodkind passed away just last month, making this mean even more to me. 


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A Cherished Heirloom

My daughter loves jewelry, of course. She is a little princess. I hope that one day, she will cherish this locket as much as I do now. That she can look back on when I first got it, and when she and her brothers were young together. Hopefully, she can love remembering my initials on the from and live by the quote on the back.  It a beautiful piece that I love and I hope she will love it too. Go use the discount code FESTIVE10 to save on your very own custom locket!

Don’t forget to PIN it!

Enjoy the gift of a custom locket with laser engraved photos, engraved messages and many other options to make it a unique & beautiful gift.

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47 thoughts on “Custom Locket for Picture Perfect Memories”

  1. I love this locket they have so many pretty ones to pick from. I like to give them as gifts too since I got one at 16 and its so special to have from my family. Great to put pet pictures in as well.

  2. That is such a beautiful locket! I’ve been wanting to get one for my mom. I would have a picture of me and my sister on one side, and the other of my nieces!

  3. This locket is so beautiful.

    I would put photos of both my dogs that have helped me teach fire safety to children so I could hold them close.

  4. This would be the perfect gift for my mom. We lost my brother to cancer in 2019. It would be lovely to have his portrait on one side, and a picture of mama and David on the other side. Perhaps his initials could be on the outside and his birthdate and date of his passing on the backside. This is an amazing concept.

  5. This is the PERFECT sentimental gift anyone could ever ask for. My mom-mom recently died on November 25th and something you can treasure with you forever in your heart.

  6. Looks lovely, every girl should have one, they are certainly making a comeback. It used to be seen as very old school but old school is hip now!

  7. I like how you used the two different photos of your children. I think it makes it extra special to have a then and now. This is a lovely locket.

  8. This is such a beautiful piece of jewelry on it’s own, I love the dainty look of the locket! I absolutely love that it is so customizable, not only with your own pictures but words as well. This would definitely make the perfect gift for someone special.

  9. I love lockets, they’re just so classic. They never go out of style. I’ve thought for awhile about getting one for my daughter.

  10. Its amazing that they can make the pictures so small but yet clear pictures at the same time. I think this locket is beautiful and I know my wife would cherish it with pictures of our daughter and grand daughter in it.


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