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CuddleUppets Puppet Blankets 4hr Flash Giveaway Ends @ 9pm PST

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Powered by Mom Blog is part of the 4hr Flash Giveaway!

CuddleUppets- Blankets that are Puppet!

5pm-9pm PST today only – US Only

Play all day and Sleep the night away!

One lucky winner will receive the Purple Monkey CuddleUppet!

It’s so easy to win! Only a few super-simple entries to complete

and then at midnight we pick a winner!

Please be sure to thank The Pay It Forward Flash Giveaway Crew.

Participating Crew Members tonight are:

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Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom, Donna’s Deals and More, Cajun Couponer, Kimberly’s Thoughts,

It’s Free at Last, Coupon Hauls

Enter on the Rafflecopter Below and GOOD LUCK ALL!

Open to US only, 18+

Remember, you can’t win if you don’t enter!

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By on September 17th, 2012

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92 thoughts on “CuddleUppets Puppet Blankets 4hr Flash Giveaway Ends @ 9pm PST”

  1. a popple!
    the stuffed animal you could roll it into a ball and stuff it back into itself! Multi purpose toy like the cuddlepets!

  2. I have a pale yellow blanket with that soft satin trim around it. I literally wore it to almost shreds! I kept it for years even with it threadbare and holey. My mom finally got a hold of it and cut out the part that wasn’t too threadbare (about a 7×7 piece) and sewed some new satin trim around that piece, found a cute little poems and framed it for me!

  3. I had a small quilt as a child that I loved so much. It was shredding to pieces but I still loved it. One day it was gone. My mother threw it out.
    cjnedrow at gmail dot com

  4. I had twin dolls I loved. One had a happy face with straight hair and the other had a pouting face with curly hair. I ended up giving them away to two needy girls that lived locally.

  5. My favorite blanket when I was a kid was a pink quillow my grandmother made me! It was a quilt that would roll up into a pillow, though I mostly remember curling up into it pretending it was a bird’s nest… haha

  6. I had this beat up looking teddy bear. I sewed that thing up so many times. I had it for years. It went missing, well I’m not even sure when. I miss it to this day!!

  7. I had(and still have) a stuffed dog. He used to have a radio and when it broke we took it out and I would keep my “treasures” in there.

  8. i had a curious george doll for a long time and befoere that i had a little lamb i had since i was born. funny how i remember both

  9. i had a stuffed dont realy know what it was but it was round and all fluffy white i called it snowball and now i have a dog named snowball


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