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The Cost Of Hiring A Surrogate Mother

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Surrogate mother cost projections are different for every family. The couple that needs a surrogate must remember that they are responsible for the woman who is carrying their child. However, the couple will need to consider the other parts of this relationship that must be nurtured. This agreement between the surrogate and the couple entails many more things than money and the birth of a baby.

The Relationship

A surrogate mother is put in a unique position when she begins to carry someone else’s baby to term. If the surrogate is having a hard pregnancy, she will need extra medical care. Also, the surrogate will need more comforts to make sure she makes it through the pregnancy. If the surrogate falls ill, she could be put on bed rest. The couple must be there for this person who is joining their family by carrying their child.

Most surrogates are kept in the life of the child by being an aunt or close friend of the family. Children will grow old enough to know the story of how they were born, but the surrogate must be around in the intervening years as the child grows. When a couple invests in the surrogate as a person, the relationship is strong enough to support the baby throughout the pregnancy.

The Bills

The medical bills for the surrogate are paid for by the couple, and the couple will need to remember that the out of pocket cost for the pregnancy will not be covered by their insurance in many cases. The surrogate may be able to invoke their own insurance policy, but there are other costs the couple must cover as if the wife were carrying the baby.

When surrogates help a couple have a baby, the surrogate becomes the responsibility of the couple. The couple’s financial obligation to the surrogate is strong, but the bond they share as friends should be stronger.

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