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Cooped Up? Kid-Friendly Recipes, Activities, Tips & More

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Kid-Friendly Recipes, Meal Prep, Activities & More

Many of us are facing the challenges of being at home more, which also means eating even more meals at home. This doesn’t mean we can’t have tasty and healthy meals. So we’re here to share some kid-friendly recipes, comfort food recipes, using up leftover recipes, meal prep tips, at-home activities and more to help us all have more fun while being “cooped up”.

Go to the bottom of this post for a great list of crafts, activities, printables and more from some of our favourite sites!chicken recipes, sheet pan, pasta bakes, soup, comfort food

All of the recipes in this collage are here on our site. Read to the end for a list of these tasty recipes.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Chicken Farmers of Canada campaign managed by SJ Consulting. I received compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this site are my own.

Right now we need all the help we can get and that includes, tips, tricks, hacks and more to help us with having tasty meals at home. Let’s face it, more of us are cooking up even more meals because many are home even more. Our regular routines could have included, the kids at school during the day so they had their school lunches, mom and/or dad working out of the home and the list goes on. Many are just at home more and we know it has its challenges. Chicken pasta salad

Chicken pasta salad recipes from Chicken Farmers of Canada

Kid-friendly recipes, healthy meals and more

The amazing folks over at Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC) whose members (yes the chicken farmers) are even busier ensuring that they help to keep chicken stocked at our local grocery stores. They also want to help us to create tasty meals, healthy meals and more while we’re at home.

They’ve put together some fabulous recipes including kid-friendly recipes along with tips to avoid stress-eating because that is definitely a thing right now, at least it is for me! In addition to ways to pass the time and safety tips. Check out their “Cooped-Up” page for great ideas, recipes and tips. You can also check out all of our recipes right here on Powered by Mom by clicking our: Recipes Category. You can also see our recipes by category (appetizers, desserts etc..) by placing your cursor over the Recipes menu at the top of our page. It will then show a drop-down menu of all the categories in recipes.  See the image below on what to look for.

Menu page heading

We’re also going to share some of our favourite at-home activities & ones we’ve found from some of our favourite sites.Healthy Shepherd's Pie PhotoHealthy Shepherd’s Pie from Chicken Farmers of Canada is also one of many kid-friendly recipes

Make-Ahead Freezer Meals

They have a great section on Make-Ahead freezer meals like these oh so tasty looking, individual chicken pot pies. I love the individual portions idea if you’re able to do that. This way family members can take out just what they want to eat whether it’s for lunch or dinner. 

chicken pot pies

You might just be surprised at how easy many if not all of these recipes they have on their Cooped-Up page are and there are a ton of kid-friendly recipes too. If you’re looking for a bigger chicken pot pie meal but don’t want the fuss of using several pots and pans, check out our Cast Iron Chicken Pot Pie with Biscuits.It’s also one of our many kid-friendly recipes. 

cast iron chicken pot pie

Indoor At-Home Activities

What have you and your family been doing to keep cabin fever at bay? I am used to working at home so it’s not as big of an adjustment for me, however, having my daughter at home all of the time and hubby more and more that is a big adjustment. So we’ve started to look at what activities we can do to break-up the boredom and to get my daughter and hubby off of the video games too!

board games, monopoly, pictionary, loaded questions, scrabble

Board Games

I went rummaging through our closets and pulled out some board games that haven’t seen the light of day in years, yes years. Some of these are ones we used to play with our daughter when she was younger and then video games took over! I was surprised to find that we even had two of the Pictionary game, one was not even opened so I donated one to another family to help with their boredom. monopoly board and moneySo we started with a classic, good ole Monopoly and as you can see our board has seen better days but hey everything else was in good condition. We’ve ended up having a few Monopoloy challenges and a lot of fun. Now that our daughter is a high school grad, she can beat us at the game, which was not the case when she was younger. So of course she enjoyed playing Monopoly even more now.Monopoly

Who doesn’t love to pass GO and collect $200?! No one I know and don’t we wish we could that in real life!

Discover new hobbies or re-discover old ones

Have you been wanting to try a certain hobby and just haven’t had the time? You know, learn the guitar (hello YouTube) or learn how to draw etc..? You get the idea and guess what you probably have time now! I have rediscovered an old hobby, one I haven’t done in about 5 years (gasp) but guesst what? I still have all of the supplies and that is card-making and scrapbooking, but mostly card-making. kid-friendly recipesI have a huge supply of cardstock, patterned paper, craft punches, embossing material, a million stamps and more. I had really been into card-making and had garnered quite the collection that I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of. I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t have the time any more as I used to make the cards as a way to relieve stress and express my creativity from my stressful university job. However, when I started working from home it seems I had less time for it. Weird. kid-friendly recipesForgive the not so great photos as back then photography was not one of my hobbies but above is one of the cards I made years ago. I used to make birthday cards, Christmas cards and more which you can see below. Speaking of photography, it’s one of my hobbies I’ve been spending some time on to make my recipe photos better and when I can travel again, better travel photos. It’s a great time to get better at a hobby too!

Christmas cards


Even if you’re not into card-making if you’ve got kids, more than likely you have some sort of craft supplies whether it’s card stock, paints, or whatever. Now is the time to use them, let your kids’ imaginations go wild!

Simply Adorable DIY Recycled Bottle Unicorn Planter

Go to the bottom of this post for a great list of crafts, activities, printables and more from some of our favourite sites!

butterfly card

Another terrible photo but another one of my handmade cards that I made back in the day.

Play with your pets

As a family with two dogs and a cat, we know our dogs have enjoyed having more time with their people and let’s face it puppy snuggles are awesome. 

After all who wouldn’t want to cuddle with these cuties like our Nyx whom we adopted this past December. She’s actually the puppy as she’s only 6 months old and oh what a character. Nyx the dogThen of course there’s this cutie our Cleo our 2 year-old rescue chihuahua.Cleo the chihuahua

Start an Instagram account for your pets

Okay, I’m actually kidding on this one, well sort of. If it’s something you want to do go for it. I started one that features all 3 of our rescue pets, Nyx, Cleo and Ollie the cat who is a little harder to capture on camera. You can check them out on Instagram at RescuePetAdventures

Outdoor Activities

Whether you can safely walk around your neighbourhood (hello keep social distancing) or are just hanging out in your own backyard these are outdoor activities that will help keep you busy and engaged. Some of these can also be done if you live in an apartment. 

kid-friendly recipes

Nature Lessons, Observations and Nature Photography

Have a nature lesson with all the living things in the yard from birds, squirresl bugs to worms or if that’s not your thing plant-life. Of if you’re me take this opportunity to photograph all the things outside that catch your attention. I’m lucky that I literally have a forest 20 feet in front of my front door. We can go in there and explore away and not run into anyone. So of course I snapped photos every time I go in there which includes walking our dogs. kid-friendly recipes

Above are the photos I snapped outside in yard and in the forest, it’s a great time to appreciate nature. You can also get photos of beautiful things in your yard. If there’s plant life it’s interesting in my opinion to photograph or lookup informtion on plants if that’s more your stile. Like even about the every day fern, dandelions are also interesting to look at and photograph.

So yes I snapped photos of plants that are everywhere too. What plants are near you?

Clean up/prep the garden or patio

Do you have a garden? Even if it’s a patio garden now is a great time to do some weeding, clean out the plant pots and more. This is what I ended up doing just yesterday. I pulled out all the dead plants from my pots in my front yard, trimmed the overgrown plants and just generally cleaned up my front yard. 

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Many of us are facing the challenges of being at home more, which also means eating even more meals at home. This doesn't mean we can't have tasty and healthy meals. So we're here to share some kid-friendly recipes, comfort food recipes, using up leftover recipes, meal prep tips, at-home activities and more to help us all have more fun while being "cooped up".


Whew, that’s a lot of ideas already so as promised here’s a list of the recipes we have in the collage at the very beginning of this post in order of left to right, many of which are kid-friendly recipes:

What recipes would you love to try? Don’t forget to go to the “Cooped-Up” page for more great ideas. 

As promised here is the list of sites with some fun activities, crafts, printables and more for you and the kiddos to do!

Summer Gardening Printable Game Set for Kids! #Printables

Mother’s Day Craft: Melted Beads!!

Bluebird Plate Craft – This N that With Olivia

Women Sun Pendant Craft – Celebrate Woman Today

Summer Gardening Printable Game Set for Kids! #Printables

Minimalist Egg Carton Wreath Craft Tutorial – Celebrate Woman Today

Origami Tulips: A Fun Paper Craft!

More info about Chicken Farmers of Canada can be found HERE

Facebook: Canadian Chicken, Twitter: @ChickenFarmers, Instagram: @ChickenDotCA; Pinterest:ChickenDotCA.

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