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Cool Kids Watches

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Cool Kids Watches

Treating your child to a watch is a great way to help them start learning about time and understanding the importance of daily planning. However, to get them engaged with watch-wearing, you will need to get them a kids watch that suits their age and their budding style. We’ve got some great choices for you to check out so that your child’s new watch will always be found on their wrist.

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Vtech KidiZoom DX

If you have younger children that just want to be like you, then the Vtech Kidizoom DX is a great choice. It is a child-friendly smartwatch that comes with the ability to customize the face and take photos directly from their wrist. There are also three built-in activities to monitor, three action challenges to get them moving, and five games to keep them entertained throughout the day.

This kids watch comes in four different colors – green, pink, blue, and purple and has a large touchscreen that comes in full color and has easy-to-understand icons to help them choose which feature to navigate to.


Timex Time Machines Watch

If you have older kids, then the Timex Time Machines is a digital watch that looks great and comes with a fun nylon watch strap that can be adjusted in size to grow with your child. It features a light-up dial so they can check the time day or night and see the date in full too.

The watch is water-resistant up to 50m, making it great for swimming, showering, and playing in the bath! Plus, they can use the alarm function to help them wake up bright and early each day. Each watch is covered by the Times Loss Protection Plan so that it’s covered even when things go wrong!

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TOOCAT Digital Sports Kids Watch

If your kids love being active, then the TOMCAT digital sports watch is a great choice. It is waterproof up to 50m and offers a grown-up look for teens and older children. The great thing about this watch is that it is solar-powered and comes with a backup battery so that your child always has charge.

The watch is black with a digital display and has a comfortable strap that won’t rub your child’s skin. It comes with a number of features, including a stopwatch, countdown timer, date disapply, alarm clock, and the ability to choose between the 12-hour and 24-hour clock display.

Fitbit Ace 3

Fitbit has just released its Ace 3, which is kids watch designed for children who are over six years of age. This device not only tells the time but tracks activity so that your child can see the effort they’ve put in and get encouraging and rewarding messages throughout the day. It is swim-proof and lasts up to eight days between charges.

The Ace 3 is a particularly good choice if you have a Fitbit device, too, as you can set up family challenges and track your child’s progress on the companion app that is full of useful statistics and info. Plus. The watch comes in either blue and green or black and red designs so that it will fit with most kids’ style choices!

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DC Comics Touch-Screen Watch

Does your child love comics and animation? If so, a DC Comics Touch-Screen Watch may be an excellent choice! They can pick from a myriad of DC-related screens and see the time and date from the home screen.

This budget-friendly watch also comes with a number of features that will keep your child interested, including a selfie cam, a pedometer, and a voice recorder. They can also enjoy three built-in games, an alarm, stopwatch, and calculator.

Choosing the Right Watch for Your Kids

The key to successful watch shopping for kids is finding a device that is feature-packed, but that also speaks to their individual style choices. There are many great choices out there that won’t break your budget too! We love the new Fitbit Ace 3 as it helps your child to stay active in a fun and encouraging way, making movement a priority to their feelings of success.

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  1. The digital sports kids watch would be just the thing that 2 of my grandsons would love having. Great idea for those active sports minded kiddos.

  2. Watches make a great gift idea for children. It is an excellent way to teach them about time. My grandson would love the DC Comics Touch-Screen Watch.

  3. this is a lot of good information I am thinking about getting my great niece one for Christmas. so checking on and planning ahead

  4. This is a great article. I was curious to learn more about the Fitbit Ace 3 for my daughters. It looks like a great watch and they will be motivated to keep active with it for sure. I love that they can swim in our pool with it too.


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