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Color Changing Lights Transform Your Home

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Jasco’s Enbrighten Color Changing Lights Can Transform Your Home Inside & Outside

Easily transform any indoor or outdoor space with some beautiful color changing lights

I love where we live here on the west coast. We have mountains, oceans, lakes and oh so many forests. In fact when I look out my front door I'm looking at a forest. It's lovely to take a walk through and I admire the tall old growth pine trees. It does have its challenges though, at night our street is extremely dark. With Jasco’s beautiful Enbrighten Color Changing Lights not only is it not dark when we come up to our house it looks like we decorated our yard. We have beautiful lights that we can change to suit the season or occasion.

 Color Changing LightsThe Enbrighten Color Changing Café Lights by Jasco are simply fantastic. They are easy to hang on patio roofs, balconies or even on the ceiling in your home. I debated where I wanted to put them because I could literally hang or install them anywhere. Our deck is small and we don't spend a lot of time on it so I didn't want to waste these color changing lights on our deck.

The forest I mentioned above that is across from my house.

color changing lightsWe're currently working on our backyard so it wasn't quite ready for the lights yet and then I remembered one of my complaints. How dark it is at the front of the house at night, especially in winter. As well we have never gotten around to hanging up Christmas lights because we didn't want to go on the roof to install them and having to take them down every year. color changing lightsJasco’s Enbrighten Color Changing Lights has solved more than one problem for us and now we have beautiful lights. We put them in the ground as you can see and now our pathway is all it up from the street to our front door. These color changing lights are are LED rope lights, shatterproof and your color settings are almost endless. They look beautiful when lit up, so much so that after having them up for less than a day our neighbors came to look at our lights and ask us where we got them.

Close up of the lights as we put them in to brighten our walkway to our house.

color changing lightsHere's those same lights lit up and this is just the white color which is always nice and bright.color changing lightsOnce our backyard is ready I'm going some more lights for our patio area as they would be perfect for summer BBQs, parties and more. I also love how colors can solicit a different mood. I find blue lights calming, yellow happy, purple is peaceful to me (probably because it's my favorite color) and the list goes on. No matter what color I have the lights on or combination of colors I enjoy looking at them. To give you an idea of how many colors and color combos Jasco’s Enbrighten Color Changing Lights have I made a quick video for you. This is not even all of the color combos, this is just a taste so you get the idea of the possibilities for your home.

I wasn't kidding when I said there were tons of color options and combinations. You just use the remote for your color selection, it's that easy, you can see all the color options on the remote below.color changing lights remoteImagine the possibilities on your patio, sunroom or even in your home. My teen-aged daughter wants to hang a set of these in her bedroom. I think they could create a dreamy look if strung along a canopy bed. I have so many ideas for these lights that I've had to order myself a few more sets.

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The white light setting is one of the brightest colors which is not surprising. color changing lightsAs well when you combine these color changing lights myTouchSmart Outdoor Timer you can set your start time and shut off time for the lights. I love making things as easy as possible. I'm sharing photos of the different colors and I took them at different times of the day so you can see how the color changing lights look from when the sun starts to go down until after 11pm at night. I love how the different colors cast a different light on our house. color changing lightsI already know that I'm going to choose a green and red combination for Christmas time but then again with so many options I might change my mind.color changing lightsIf you like St. Patrick's Day and have a bit of the Irish in you like I do have fun with the green come March with these color changing lights.color changing lightsSome colors are brighter than others so you can brighten up the space or cast a soft glow. The above photo gives both examples.color changing lightsThese LED color changing lights are impact resistant, save energy, money and they have flexible mounting options. The ones I have are two sets of 24 feet but you can link up to 750 feet of these awesome color changing lights. color changing lightsCan you tell I loved checking out all of the colors on these lights? The warm white light is 2700k, it's 120V 50/60Hz 5W, and it's a heavy-duty 18/3 SJTW cord, wet location rated (thank goodness for here) and UL listed for permanent installation. That last bit was for my hubby as a contractor these were some of the things he wanted to know first.color changing lightsI told you I had so much fun with these lights and I love how our neighbors and friends want to know where we got the cool color changing lights. Everyone loves that they can hang them or put them in ground like we have and not have to take them down ever. We now have our Christmas lights ready to and with a push of a button we can suit the lights to whatever occasion or mood that suits us. To say I LOVE these lights would be an understatement and my hubby is happy we won't be asking him to hang and take down lights every year after the holidays.color changing lightsIf you want to check out these awesome lights yourself make sure to go to their site HERE. Let us know what colors you like. Up next for us is lighting up the other side of our path and front yard and then our backyard. I can't wait!

For some other tips on how to transform your yard check out our Budget Friendly Tips to Spruce Up the Backyard.


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16 thoughts on “Color Changing Lights Transform Your Home”

  1. Really want to add more lights in my garden, it will make it look better and also be more safe at night. I am considering solar lights, but colour changing ones are cool too.

  2. I want some of these to match my hanging cafe lights. They really look great and I love that you can change up your color scheme.

  3. These are some really sharp lights. I would love to have these in front of my home. Thanks for the nice review on them.

  4. So awesome! These are different then the typical solar color changing lights we have by our bird bath. I love how you can choose the color combination you want according to seasons. It also has a remote that is sweet!

  5. These lights are so nice. I love the different colors. I am happy that they are so easy to use. Thank you so much for sharing these

  6. We are in a dark small area of our village. We finally got some street lights a few years back, but not a lot. People have different individual lights in their yards & on their garages. I love riding around at night Christmas time, because not only are the lights festive, they are beautiful!! Lights add ambience! I love your pictures! They explain the different functions on the remote and show all the pretty colors that are available. There are more colors than I thought there would be. As I was reading your review, I was thinking of the safety issues like your husband was. Lights light up our lives.

  7. This looks really different. I dont think I have ever seen colored lights before except at Christmas. I like some of the solid colors, not so sure about the multicolored. I do like them though.

  8. These are really nice. I've been considering moving to the country, and it would be so dark at night, I hadn't thought about lighting, but it is attractive and makes it safer for everyone!

  9. These look like so much fun! I actually really want to use them for part of the decor for our wedding reception.


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