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Coffee Bean Direct Giveaway ends 11/12

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Powered by Mom Blog shares a Coffee Bean Direct Guest Giveaway!

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Coffee Bean Direct offers several varieties of coffee such as: Regular Coffee, Decaf Coffee, Coffee Blends, Half-Caffeinated, Flavored Coffee, Fair Trade/Organic, and Smoked Coffee. All their roasted coffee is sold in 1 lb., 5 lb, and 25 lb. bags, with care taken for freshness. I love that they are located right here in the USA – all the roasting is done in NJ and their customer service is fabulous! If coffee isn’t your thing – you will be happy to know that they also carry over 70 varieties of tea too!

So, how about a GIVEAWAY? That’s right, the fabulous folks over at Coffee Bean Direct is offering one lucky reader a chance to win a 1 lb. bag of Coffee Bean Direct City Roast Colombian Supremo Coffee!

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By on November 7th, 2013

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78 thoughts on “Coffee Bean Direct Giveaway ends 11/12”

  1. I love coffee! I used to only drink plain-ol’ coffee, but lately, I’ve been a little more adventurous and started trying more flavors. 🙂

  2. First thing in the morning! If it was possible, I’d have the coffee pot on the end table beside my bed. Hmmm, that’s actually not a terrible idea..

  3. We drink coffee in the morning and in the afternoon. I enjoy my first cup while my boyfriend is still sleeping, it’s quiet and I check my email.

  4. First thing in the morning i have to have at least 2 cups of cofffee,later in the day I will drink some more ,I love a good cup of coffee .

  5. I drink coffee from when I get up, til I go to bed. I also take a cup to bed in case I wake up thirsty in the middle of the night, it’s still good cold.

  6. I definitely need it most in the morning. I have some in the mid-afternoon for my late afternoon work crash—and then sometimes at night also. If I have to pick a time when most necessary, I would say early morning!

  7. I have to have a cup of coffee in the morning to help wake me up. Lately I’ve also been having a cup in the evening – I think since it’s been getting dark earlier has made me drag!

  8. I could not function in the morning without my coffee. Thanks to my timer, all I have to do is stumble from the bed to my coffeemaker. After two cups, my family knows it is safe to interact with me!


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