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Circuitscribe – Ultimate Kit Review

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Circuitscribe – Ultimate Kit Review

Learn how to draw working circuits on paper, with this Circuitscribe Ultimate Kit.

Circuitscribe has done a great job at breaking down the principles of electrical circuits. Take a look at the Ultimate Kit and how it can bring out the scientist in every kiddo, and maybe even some adults too. This is a Powered by Mom Holiday Gift Guide Top Pick.

Read on to find out how team member Amanda and her son liked Circuitscribe. 


Use the pen that has conductive ink to trace the electrical connections between a variety of lights, buzzers, and more. With the use of the playbook, you can draw your very own circuits right on the paper. Place the metal sheet under the paper and simple draw the circuit. There are step by step directions in the playbook on how to draw and add the various parts to make a completed circuits.


The workbook is a spiral bound notebook that includes over 20 different lessons. This makes it very easy to learn how to use every component that is included in the Circuitscribe Ultimate Kit. The steps are broken down into simple actions which make it possible for you to jump right in and start making circuits.


Once you get the hang of completing a circuit, there is enough room in the workbook to create your very own circuits without any direction. Through the guided steps you can turn on lights, sound buzzers, and even use a motor to make pieces movable.


My thoughts.

My son (age 9) dove right into this Circuitscribe Ultimate Kit without any knowledge of electrical circuits. Within minutes of unpackaging the kit, he was already learning about the steps to make a complete electrical circuit. He studied the directions, took all of the parts he needed out, and completed the first lesson all on his own. Through drawing with conductive silver ink he made progress quickly. My son has liked STEM activities since he was just a little guy. This kit has just opened up an entire new level of discovering and learning.

The Circuitscribe Ultimate Kit combines education, science, fun, and art all into one incredibly fascinating kit. My son has already learned so much. But he has so much more to discover. This electrical circuit set is unique because there is no limitation. You don’t have to snap pieces onto a board. Ultimately, this set is only limited by your imagination. And of course we all know how imaginative kids can be. When you apply that imagination to working circuits, the discoveries are endless.

Circuitscribe has a variety of kits and products that you can find HERE. If you’d like to get Circuitscribe from now until November 21 use code POWERED15, to save 15% off anything on the site.

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8 thoughts on “Circuitscribe – Ultimate Kit Review”

  1. I have a grandson that I am raising and I am all the time trying to find things that will interest him. I believe this will do it.
    i think that this is very hands on and will make him very interested.

  2. I like that the kids can read their way through how to do this. My boys would love this, I think it would be hard to keep it away from my husband though.


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