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Chunkabuns Blanket, Dresses, and Pants Review

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Chunkabuns Blanket, Dresses, and Pants Review

We only cloth diaper part time now that I have an opinionated 2-year-old. Sometimes she doesn’t like the bulk, but sometimes she prefers the softness. We LOVE soft! Chunkabuns makes and sells perfectly adorable clothes that comfortably and fashionably fit the bulkier cloth diapered behind.

What’s that?!?! More Chunkabuns! Wearing her Elephant Dress and Yoga Pants.


The Blanket


First, though, the blanket! These are designed as swaddle blankets, but my baby is a bit big to swaddle now. However, blankets are always a huge hit in our house. They are soft and snuggly, and this blanket is no exception. It is super lightweight and breathable, but soooooooo soft. I want to wrap up in it but can never get it away from my daughter! She loves to wrap it around herself and wear it everywhere. We’ve also used it as a cape, fort, snugglie, and could even fold and tie it up into a dress. We love this raspberry colored Defy Status Quo blanket.

The Pants


We got three totally different types of pants. The Woodland Fox Doodle Pants above are a comfy and stretchy knit pant. Designed to get noticed, they doodle pants feature many different super cute animals. The cuffs and band are elasticized and the seat is roomy enough for a cloth diaper but fits great over disposable as well.

We also got the Basic Black Pants, which are like a flowy yoga pant with “Chunkabuns” and logo printed on the side. But for babies. SUPER cute! Like all the others, the pants are soft and stretchy. They are also one of their “Grow With Me” pants, meaning as the child grows they can be worn as pants, then gauchos, then shorts!


Our third pair was the Organic Posh Striped Pants. They only sell 3 sizes of these because those three sizes can grow with your kid from 0 months to 5 years! There is a 0-9 month size, 9-24 month, and 2t-5t size. The cuffs are held up in place with ribbons that can be cut to extend the length. The waistband can easily fold down and stays in place to make them shorter. They are made from an organic bamboo fiber that is soft and breathable. It is also a very tough fabric, made to stand up to your child’s toughest play to last all those years of use. The extra panel in the bum leaves plenty of room for cloth diapers and wiggles!

The Tops


We got three Chunkabuns dress/tops for my baby girl. Each is so stinkin’ cute! At the top of the post, you saw the purple and blue Organic Elephant Dress. Above you can see the Organic brown dress with hedgehogs in the blue panel and the Organic Photo Finish Adelyn Dress.  All three are made from organic fibers. They are a bit thicker, but not heavy. Of course, they are soft too. They are easily worn as a stand-alone dress but will grow with my girl, being able to be worn as a tunic. All are hand-sewn right here in the USA! There are so many cute colors and patterns to choose from.


We also got a cute matching set, because mom doesn’t want to be left out! I do, indeed, make cute babies (see proof above, though I am biased). Chunkabuns has totally adorable clothes for mom, dad, grandpa, and grandma. I got the soft flowy tee, made to hide all the wobbly
bits” after having babies, LOL. To be fair, I was sitting and leaning forward in that photo, so you obviously see my belly. I love wearing it though. It is super comfy and is long enough great to pair with leggings. They have paired products like the “Adorable Baby” tee above or romper. There is also a version for dad, and a flowy tank as well.

In Conclusion

I wish I had discovered Chunkabuns a bit sooner into my child-rearing years because it would have been so hard to resist all the cute and soft stuff! I love that these fit comfortably no matter how you choose to diaper your baby and most of their styles can grow with children, making them last so much longer. They feature organic clothes and all their clothes and blankets are super soft and lovely to wear.

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