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Charmulet Charm Bracelet Review

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Charmulet Charm Bracelet Review

Humans have long adored adorning themselves. Neanderthals even made jewelry 130,000 years ago! The oldest gold jewelry was made some 6500 years ago near the Black Sea. Did you know the oldest known stone bracelet dates back some 40,000 years? In more recent history, some of the greatest dedication and care goes into creating Charmulet Charm Bracelets.  Their goal is to recreate the world in miniature moving charms. 

My Personalized Charmulet Bracelet

Charmulet charms

The Bracelet

Charmulet charm bracelet

Charmulet bracelets are all 14k gold plated then covered in a clear protective coat. There are two different styles of links in the bracelets. The smaller twisted style links offer a decorative touch. The bigger smooth links are extra special. Each link has a hinged opening to easily add or remove charms and adjust the length of your bracelet. This is totally unique in the jewelry world and allows for a completely custom bracelet.  I typically have wrists way too small for bracelets. They hang way too loose. Not so with this one! It fits perfectly and can always be adjusted.

The bracelet has a standard, though heavy-duty, lobster clasp. There are the easiest to use when putting bracelets on yourself. The clasp can close onto any link, again, making the length adjustable. The links and clasp are heavy duty. I have worn this and I even let my 2-year-old wear it (Yikes!). There was never a point I felt link a link would break or the clasp give out. It took some knocks and there is not a scratch on it. I'm very impressed. Especially because it doesn't feel heavy or cumbersome to wear.

Every bracelet also sports a Charmulet tag, so you know that it is a genuine product. It is a flat disk that says "Works like a charm" on one side and "Charmulet" on the other. It hangs out at the clasp.

The Charms

Charmulet charm bracelet

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While the bracelet itself is something special, the true specialty is in the charms themselves. Each Charmulet charm they make takes months of planning and development. All are 14k gold plated and covered in colored enamel. The whole thing is then covered in a protective clear coat. The bale on each charm is extra strong and soldered to it. This ensures the charm won't accidentally break or fall off. Since the charms are put on the bracelet through the opening links, there is no "clasp" to break on the charm itself.

They have more than 20 charms to choose from, though some are the same style with different colors. The special thing about each charm, besides its quality, is that every single one has some sort of moving part.

My Charms

Charmulet charm bracelet

You can see what I chose above! My first choice was the custom initial locket. My first name starts with E and my kids' last names start with E. It opens up to place a small photo inside on each side.

My second choice was the camera. I've long been a photographer at heart. I learned manual film photography from my grandfather growing up. The camera features a clear crystal for the lens that actually lets light through! The back of the camera opens to see inside.

Third, is the letter and envelope for my love of writing and connecting with family. The envelope is decorated on both sides and when you open the flap a little letter comes out on a tiny chain. It features a tiny flower on it! SO cute!

The piano is next to represent my love of music. I play five different instruments, so it seems fitting. Open the top of the baby grand to find your sheet music on a tiny chain!

Next, I picked the designer purse which opens to reveal a small heart key on a chain.

Finally, the teapot to show my love of teas. I loved the ruffled top and teal color! The top of the pot hinges up and there are tiny jewels along the base.

A Treasured Piece

I always worried with a charm bracelet that I just wouldn't want to wear it all that often. It would be heavy, with charms dangling in my way, too loose and hanging too low. My kids would want to mess with it and ruin and break the charms. The Charmulet bracelet has changed my mind. As I mentioned earlier, I even let my 2-year-old wear it. No worries! This bracelet fits perfectly, is not heavy at all, and while my kids do love to mess with it while I'm wearing it, I literally have zero worries about them hurting it.

It is easy to adjust and the charms are truly the most "charming" things I've encountered. They almost work as a classy fidget spinner, allowing me to play with each one as I need to focus and work. This is a piece that will last a long time and I look forward to adding charms to it and eventually passing it down. It's truly a special piece.

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8 thoughts on “Charmulet Charm Bracelet Review”

  1. I do like the fact that these bracelets have a hinged opening on some links to easily add or remove charms, that's a great idea.

  2. When we were teens, charm bracelets ruled! These are such nice charms, I want to check these out further. It would make a nice gift, too.

  3. This is really a charming charm bracelet. I have a sterling silver charm bracelet that my mom started for me when I was a child. My sister passed away 5 years ago and I added her charms to my bracelet. My mom is 94 and gave me her bracelet to add to mine. There are movable parts, but some are very old and none have the colored enamel that the Charmulet charms have. I really like that you can adjust the size of the actual bracelet and move the charms round to suit yourself. We used to have to have the jeweller sauter on new charms. I would love to have one of these amazing Charmulet bracelets!

  4. This is so pretty and i love that the charms have moving parts. I have a soft spot in my heart for charm necklaces and bracelets.


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