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A Charming Look at Romantic Jewelry for Her

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A Charming Look at Romantic Jewelry for Her

Chamilia has Undeniable Quality and Beauty

When it comes to a special gift for the lady in your life, jewelry is usually number one on the idealist. Nothing can be more personal and special than a charm bracelet. Being able to customize a piece especially for her, or yourself means that the gift is unique and unlike any other. Chamilia makes some of the best romantic jewelry for her that exists. They have also released a special line just in time for Valentine’s Day. Take a look at the ‘Loves me Love Me Not’ collection. romantic jewelry for her

Quality Craftmanship

romantic jewelry for her

Chamilia, a Swarovski company, uses only the finest and highest-quality materials to make their charms and jewelry. Everything is made with solid .925 sterling silver and 14k gold/rose gold. They utilize a combination of old-school methods and the newest technologies to create highly detailed and intricately adorned pieces. It was one of the first things I noticed. The charms are delicate and small, but I have no fear of bending them or breaking them. And the level of detail on this is astounding. These are sterling silver charms electroplated with 14k yellow gold. The genuine Swarovski crystals and fine faceting make every surface sparkle. I can’t imagine anyone not impressed with the pure quality of this jewelry.

Comfort and Easeromantic jewelry for her

I have also never worn a more comfortable bracelet. This Oval Snap Bracelet uses a silver snake chain that is smooth and flexible. The links don’t get caught and pull the tiny arm hairs on my arm. The clast is incredibly clever. I love bracelets, but I don’t wear them often because it’s usually so hard to put them on yourself. This clast makes it so simple. Open up the clasp, set the loose end of the chain the fitted cut out in the clasp which holds it in place,  and pinch closed. I know women would love this feature. No more running around the house trying to find someone to clasp your bracelet for you anymore.

Stunning and Tastefulromantic jewelry for her

I must admit, I’m not much of a “heart” person. I don’t usually seek out designs in my jewelry or clothes that have hearts on them. These charms, however, are undeniably gorgeous. The ‘Starry Hearts’ bead charm is covered in mini Swarovski crystals in reds and pinks that make up the tiny hearts. These are surrounded with star shine like details making it extra sparkly. It sits flush and is smooth enough not to catch on anything. One end of the bead opening is also smaller, so it won’t just fall off an unclasped bracelet. This is great since it won’t ever fall off and roll away. No losing your charms!romantic jewelry for her

The ‘Heart Lock and Key Charm Set’ are so detailed, as I mentioned above. They contain amethyst colored crystals, have raised dots, flower cut out details, and are all plated in 14k gold. They dangle from bright and shiny sterling silver swirl dot covered holders. The contract between the beautiful gold and shining silver actually really work together and are simply stunning. The great thing about the set is it can be kept together, like mine, or split up to give the key to your heart to the one you love. If you want your jewelry to make a romantic gesture, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

So Many Choices

romantic jewelry for her

What’s amazing about Chamilia is the sheer amount of charms they have. There are over 700 charms in 26 different categories. So, if you want the absolutely perfect piece of romantic jewelry for her, you have your choice in perfectly customizing it to her and her favorite things. Not only can you express your love in gold and silver, but you can celebrate her as a wonderful mother, sister, or mother. Add a charm that reminds her of that trip you took together. Celebrate special milestones, show your pet some love, add your favorite quote or phrase, or hint at a favorite hobby. Any and all of it is possible and all are made and present with the top-quality pure beauty you’d expect.

What She’ll Wear Every Day

romantic jewelry for herWhat if she just doesn’t wear bracelets? No worries. Chamilia also makes necklaces, earring, and rings as well. All are also sterling silver and 14k gold and executed to the highest standards of quality. There are plain styles and super glittery ones. Vintage and modern takes on styles. And if the bracelet I received is anything to go by, you cannot go wrong with any choice you make. I don’t wear jewelry every day, I have no need. However, ever since I got this bracelet, I have not wanted to take it off. I do, every night, and put it in its box with the anti-tarnish papers to keep it looking it’s best, but with great reluctance. So if you’re looking for a romantic jewelry gift for her, you’ll do no better than a piece from Chamilia, I promise.


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  1. What I like about the collection is the simplicity and elegance. I would feel good about wearing the jewelry and giving it as a special gift.

  2. That is such a stunning bracelet! I love the detail of the charms and the beautiful color. This would be wonderful to receive for Valentine’s Day!

  3. I love charm jewelry for myself and to give as personalized gifts. Charmila makes beautiful, quality items. I love all the detail.


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