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Celebrate School Spirit with Custom Spirit Wear

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Celebrate School Spirit with Custom Spirit Wear

Show Off Your School Spirit with SpiritShop.com

Personally, I never really had much school spirit, until the last couple of years. Getting into the final semester of finally finishing up my BA has made me eternally grateful for my school and I'm proud to say I have gone there. I am proud of my kids' schools as well. We probably would not be living where we do if it wasn't for their incredible schools. So, when I learned I could get custom spirit wear for all of these schools, I leapt at the chance. 

custom spirit wear

Disclaimer: This review was done by team member Emily. She was provided product in exchange for her honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are her own and were not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way.

Discovering SpiritShop.com

I got really excited exploring the SpiritShop.com website. It was so simple to find just about any school I wanted, either through typing in the school's name, or narrowing it down by location. They have around 20,000 schools ready to go in the USA. Even if I couldn't find a specific school, I could choose one and then simply upload my own files for the mascot, logo, or whatever! I could then customize the school, mascot, text, name, or whatever I wanted! And there were SO many products to choose from. There are dozens of different shirts and tops! And a wide variety of colors and styles. I didn't really realize how much I wanted spirit wear for mine and my kids' schools until I explored this site. 

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Quick and Easy

Like I said above, finding a specific school is easy. And if it isn't listed, it is still super simple to customize it for that school. I was creating my first fully customized product and adding it to my cart in under 5 minutes. And if it took longer it was simply because I could not make up my mind! And it was exciting to watch my order progress (they check each and every piece to make sure it looks and feels great) and see how fast I could get my order. My order took a little longer as a couple of pieces did not pass their quality check. I was more than happy to wait a few extra days to ensure that I got the best possible product. That being said, most orders ship just 3-5 business days after placing an order! 

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Quality and Choice

This was probably the most difficult thing for me. There are almost too many things to choose from! I love being able to customize a piece to get exactly what I want, but picking my favorite shirt type, in the right size, with the fonts, layout, mascot or logo options, and finalizing it took me forever! But that is JUST ME. I can't make up my mind sometimes and go back and change things multiple times until I put my own foot down with myself and say, "This is fine! Go with it!" 

custom spirit wear

And I can say, I am extremely happy with every choice I made. The printing on the travel mug look amazing, and I know it can take a beating without getting messed up. The printing on the shirts is crisp, accurate, and the colors bright and vibrant. The embroidery on the fleece jacket and hats is clean, tight, with no loose threads, and looks great. The backing on the embroidery was left untrimmed, which is okay with me, but some might find it a bit bulky. If I didn't like it, it would be simple to trim it down myself. 

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Texture and Size

The athletic shirts are silky smooth, lightweight, and breathe perfectly. I am loving wearing them! The fleece jacket is so soft! It's warm and I love that it has zipping outer pockets and an inside pocket. The high collar keeps my neck warm without getting in the way. The drawstring cords along the bottom help keep any chilly drafts from blowing up inside as I can cinch down the bottom hem around myself. 

For my kids, I purposely ordered a size up for each of them. So things might be a little big on them now, but you know kids. They grow so fast that even these will be small on them in no time! So I wanted to get as much use out of their shirts, hoodies, and hats as possible. From what I can tell, though, everything is very true to size. Each individual product features its own sizing chart so you can be sure of the fit. 

custom spirit wear

Custom Spirit Wear

My favorite thing about getting my kids custom spirit wear? Being able to put their names on it! They are excited that it is something just for them, and I know that if they leave a hoodie or hat at school, that it will be quickly found and returned because it features their name. I also loved being able to order items for down the road. Knowing my kids will be going to an awesome high school in the future gets me excited for their future. And if they have a shirt or jacket already, it gives them something to look forward to, even if school itself isn't always fun. 

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Adults and Kids alike can show off their school spirit with high quality custom spirit wear. Check it out today!

Celebrate Uniqueness

custom spirit wear

I never thought that I'd ever feel a sense of comradery with a school. Thankfully, being a part of my kids' school has given me a sense of care and family, and I love being able to celebrate that in a tangible way. Being able to cheer my kids on from the sidelines or audience wearing something that is specific to not only their school, but them too, gives all of us a sense of pride and belonging. My kids love showing off what school they go to, how they are becoming leaders in that school, and having their own name on what they wear. It is a fun and exciting thing! My experience with SpiritShop.com has been nothing but wonderful and I could not be happier to wear my very own custom spirit wear from them.  

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