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Cariloha Bamboo & Del Sol for Kids of All Ages

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Powered by Mom shares her Cariloha Bamboo and Del Sol Color Changing Gifts for Kids of all Ages!

Even if your kids are grown up they’re still your kids and like most parents I know you’re probably always looking out for them and getting them gifts of things they need and gifts just because you want to. I love Cariloha Bamboo products and Del Sol Color Changing products because there is something for everyone! So whether your child is just starting school, is in university or just got their first home you’ll find something wonderful to give them from PW Companies which includes you got it Cariloha and Del Sol!

I wanted to share a few of these awesome products with you because we know you will love them as much as we do if you don’t already!

del sol kids clothes model

Above that is my 13 year old daughter wearing a Del Sol Side Tie Tee – Fun In Sun Black in the Youth Large. It just fits her as she’s petite for her age. Below you can see what it’s supposed to look like with sun.

 kids shirt color change
My daughter is also wearing the bejeweled butterfly hat that will also change colors. I think it’s so cute. In the pictures below you will see that she also has a few other cute accessories such as a color changing necklace and bracelet!
del sol kids clothes and jewelry
She was really excited to get the Square Abalone Bracelet in blue as well as the Abalone Oval Pendant Necklace also in blue. Both of these cute color changing accessories are great for gals of all ages and are so fun too! Below you can see the Abalone necklace close up before and after sun 🙂
Of course my daughter had to have a Cariloha bamboo t-shirt as well as bamboo clothes are so soft, moisture wicking and have anti-bacterial properties. Besides they just look great. The Cariloha bamboo shirt she is wearing below is a women’s small size.
cariloha girls top
I love that t-shirt, so much so I even have the same one for me.  Now don’t worry if your “kid” is male Cariloha has clothes for guys too from shirts to socks and I know they’re a favorite of my husband. I also think that for the university “kid” or one who has maybe moved into their first apartment or home that one of the Cariloha Bamboo towel sets like the one below is a perfect gift.
cariloha towel set
The towels are soft and absorbent and this set is a great start to anyone’s bathroom linen collection.
About Cariloha Towels:

Their earth-friendly bamboo towels are just the answer. They are luxuriously plush, hypoallergenic and snag resistant. Made from a blend of rayon from renewable bamboo and cotton, Cariloha towels are perfect for home, gym, car, pool or spa.

• Fabric Blend: 50% Viscose from Bamboo/ 50% Turkish-combed cotton

These towels would make a wonderful gift for anyone of any age. I also love their Bamboo sheets and blankets, talk about soft and cool! I could go on but you should go and explore their site yourself.

Cariloha | Del Sol| 

No matter what you get at either site you won’t be disappointed. What would you like to get for your “kids” or yourself? Feel free to comment we’d love to hear 🙂

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51 thoughts on “Cariloha Bamboo & Del Sol for Kids of All Ages”

  1. Thanks so very much for the Fantastic Review on Cariloha Bamboo and Del Sol Color Changing Gifts for Kids of all Ages! These shirts that your daughter has on are really adorable! I really love them! I also love that necklace! It’s neat that it changes colors in the sun! I never knew that Cariloha Bamboo had such items! They are absolutely adorable!!!!!! I’m not a kid, but I sure do love those T-shirts and jewelry! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review, the pictures and information on Cariloha Bamboo and Del Sol Color Changing Gifts for Kids of all Ages with all of us! I honestly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele 🙂

  2. I love that you put the womans shirt on her. Makes a great relation for me. Also, great to know that it looks good on the younger too!

  3. I like how informative it is about the items.I would love to get the color changing tees,hats,necklaces and bracelets for my nieces!

  4. You got a nice variety of items to review. I loved seeing the picture of the color change in action. And those towels looks so squishable!

  5. Gosh I thought that towel was one of those super soft blankets at first until I read the caption and looked at the picture. I was first introduced (became aware) to Cariloha for their sheets but the more I learn they are so diverse in their clothing and I’d love to own some of it.

  6. I really want to try their sheets and towels. I live in Tx and cool sheets would be so nice to sleep in. And of course to dry of with a soft towel would feel so nice.

  7. Thanks for the review, my 9 and 12 year old granddaughters would love the color changing shirt and hat. what a great gift ideal. I like the luxuriously plush bath towels and that they are hypoallergenic and snag resistant. In the picture they look so soft, almost looks like a plush blanket.

  8. I love that bamboo clothes are so soft, moisture wicking and have anti-bacterial properties.. how awesome is that!! What about the sheets… are those also?

  9. I like that color changing T-shirt, I need to get one of those. All of these Cariloha items would make great Christmas gifts. Thank you for sharing this review.

  10. I have only heard good things about this company. That their sheets are so soft. And I love that their towels are snag resistant. Your daughter is so adorable. Thank you for your great review.

  11. This is an awesome review and she looks so cute with the hat on. I love the necklace and the bracelet. I love both DelSol and Cariloh products they are amazing..

  12. Great review. I agree, I love these shirts. My husband bought ea of us a t-shirt last year while he was out on a biz trip. He also got me two cover ups. we love how they change color in the sun. So cool

  13. I have bought products for the kids from Del Sol, and have been very happy. I haven’t tried Cariloha, but their products sound wonderful.

  14. Great review of 2 wonderful companies both do have wonderful products for any age!!! They are perfect gift shopping!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  15. I have heard that anything made with that bamboo is so soft. I would like to feel of the shirt and towels to see how they feel lol. Everything looks so nice though

  16. I really like bamboo products. When I first heard of using bamboo on clothes I was skeptical but now I know it is soft and comfortable.

  17. The towels look so soft ..Love how detailed you were in the review..Its always great that pictures are posted along side of the review so we can see Thank you for this

  18. I like the sheets and towels. The clothes, not so much. I don’t have young children. If I did, I’m sure they would like the clothing.

  19. So many great gift ideas. I know my daughters and nieces would love the DelSol color changing shirt, who wouldn’t?! The Cariloha towel looks softer than a blanket. I actually thought it was a blanket at first glance!


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