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Can you imagine a world without signs?

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Would we want to know what it would be like if we had no signs?

What if there were no safety signs, billboards and other informational signs what would that be like?

I know I ask the weirdest things sometimes don’t I? This thought came to me when I was reading a post and they asked if you had a funny or memorable story about a sign that you saw etc.. which immediately one did come to mind but I’ll tell you that one another time which may not seem funny to you but to this day my family still teases me about it even my husband who was not there at the time it happened since I was like 12 years old 🙂

Anyways as I mentioned a memory did pop to mind however my next thought was what if there weren’t any signs at all? How weird would that be, could that even be possible? I’m talking Twilight Zone now imagine the episode it takes place on a busy downtown street, there are no stop signs, no don’t go this way signs no store signs! No one would no what store was what, accidents would happen because cars didn’t know which way to go or where to stop. Yes you could have traffic lights but they are just flashing signs really but what about all the other signs we simply couldn’t do without them.

Alright that would never happen but it does make me realize that whether we realized it or not signs are 1) memorable with some having more of a lasting impression than others and 2) a lot of signs are necessary. When you see the word billboard does an image pop into your head about a particular one that you’ve seen? I bet it does! To this day I still recall the big billboard with Mark Wahlberg or Marky Mark as we went by then you know which one I mean the one of him in us his underwear lol but that sign like many just stick with you it’s the visual or it’s what it says if we didn’t have any signs it would sure be a boring world and a little risky crossing the street.

Hope you enjoyed my quirky post on signs 🙂 Feel free to comment below!



By on November 29th, 2012

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17 thoughts on “Can you imagine a world without signs?”

  1. I love this post! I have the craziest OCD and my tick is counting. All of the signs and billboards on the roads were what kept me ‘sane’ growing up LOL We traveled quite a bit due to my Father being a minister. I would stay up with him on late night travels because I had fear of him falling asleep at the wheel if no one was talking to him. I would ‘count’ these signs. Like each letter on each one.. it’s confusing unless I could explain to you better! I love signs.. just because they help me work through an OCD ‘tick’ or such!

  2. It could be like other countries where there are no words on signs. Just pictures. That would definitely change the way we do things around here. But no signs?? No way!! I don’t think we could make it even an hour.

  3. i can only imagine the chaos in this world if we had no signs, sign are directions and directions is what we all need in our daily life

  4. I cant imagine the chaos in a world without signs. Even with them some people are too stupid to read them, or pay attention to them. Just think if they werent there.

  5. The thing I find funny is some of the signs and warnings on things came about because people actually tried to do something stupid. This world would be a mess, I could not imagine.

  6. That’s what I think of when people moan and complain about meter maids, ticketing officers, etc. I think what if we didn’t have them out there everyday on the streets enforcing by-laws, laws of the road, etc. – absolute chaos is what would happen. So I wish people would remember that we have laws and regulations for everyone’s benefit, not just a few people!

  7. Like the comment above, my son learns from reading signs out loud and spelling them to me while in the truck. I do agree though that signs are necessary and there would be chaos without them.

  8. The truth is we couldn’t function without signs and people don’t realize how much we need them.
    Oh and yes who doesn’t remember Mark’s poster. lol

  9. My 2-year old son surprised me the other day by randomly saying “O, P, E, N”…he was spelling the message on a sign. As we walk around the neighborhood, he also spells EXIT & NO PARKING, so I think that we learn *a lot* from signs starting from a very early age!!! 🙂

  10. I often have thoughts like these. I think sometimes our society goes a little overboard with signs, however, without them I would be lost so often. Also without them firefighters and police officers wouldn’t be able to do their jobs efficiently. We would have much more death and total devastation from fires because firefighters wouldn’t know where to go. As much as signs might bug me sometimes, I know that they save many lives!

    • We could be like other countries where the signs are just pictures rather than words. That would leave a lot up to intpretation. But a world without signs? It just wouldn’t work…

  11. Ahhhh, Marky Mark… If it weren’t for signs, I’d be bored a lot of the time. When I sit in the car waiting for my husband who will be “just a minute”, I spend the time seeing how many words I can make with the letters in a nearby sign. I don’t know if this has contributed to my literacy, but at sure has saved my sanity. “Just a minute” can be a very long time!


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