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Budget Disney Trip Tips You Never Would Have Thought Of

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Budget Disney Trip Tips You May Not Have Thought About

If you are planning a budget Disney trip, you may have all sorts of plans for you you will save money leading up to your trip and while you are on vacation. While it is better to raise a little bit more money to spend on your trip, we understand that sometimes you have to cut back on vacation expenses. So, here are some of the best ways to save on a Disney trip that probably never would have occurred to you.Disneyland ferris wheel

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Take a Redeye Flight

In most cases, your first travel day is all about just getting there and checking in. If you’re lucky you have a nice dinner planned. Flying in from the west coast is especially hard because you lose so many hours during the flight and the time change. Travelers from the east have long flights and jet lag to contend with. The best solution? Take a redeye and arrive early morning. You can check your bags at the hotel and go straight to the park.

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This is not an option for everybody, but it does save you a day which means one less night to pay for. Plus, red eye flights are typically less expensive. It may result in lack of rest that first day and you probably shouldn’t try it with kids, but I can vouch that it does actually work and it’s totally worth it. If you can’t do the red eye but want to save on the flight, choose mid week arrival and departure dates and book about six weeks ahead of your budget Disney trip. It’s Believed that the best day of the week to buy your airfare is Tuesday.

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Use Grocery Rewards

You can use rewards, not just as a way to save up for your budget Disney trip, but also to save money during your trip. Take advantage of offers for free rewards like bottled water and snacks. If you will be able to cook while you are in Walt Disney World you can bring certain items in your luggage to prepare once you are there. A free pallet of bottled water can save over $100 by avoiding the high price of bottled water in the parks.

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Leverage Lodging

There are all kinds of little ways to leverage the cost of your stay during a budget Disney trip. You aren’t limited to simply picking a value resort or even staying at a cheap off-property hotel. Depending on your travelling needs there are plenty of cheap ways to accommodate your party.  DVC points rentals are just one example. You don’t have to buy DVC to enjoy some of the benefits of being a Vacation Club member. You can rent points and stay at Home Away From Home resorts for much less than you would otherwise expect to pay.

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The Fort Wilderness Campsites are another way to save provided you enjoy camping. It’s a true wilderness experience and you can have a campsite for as little as $60 per night. Whether you have a tent or an RV this option can save you thousands of dollars. Check out our Camping Tips For Making Disney Affordable article too for more tips

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Another way to leverage the cost of your resort is to fudge the dates so you don’t have to pay for as many nights or arrange your vacation so the dates fall on cheaper nights to stay. Use the ticket calendar on the Walt Disney World website as inspiration to see what dates cost less at the resort of your choice.


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  1. This is so smart! Thank you for sharing these tips. If we do eventually get to Disney it will def be on budget so thank you very much!!

  2. My husband and I did a DVC rental a few years ago for our 20th anniversary trip. We had a studio at the Contemporary which was a perfect location because we did 2 full days at the Food & Wine Fest.

  3. Having idea like this to save money can make the trip to Disney more affordable. We have taken red eye flights at a significantly reduced price and it has worked well.

  4. Our plan is to take the family to Disney in the near future, This post is a great way to save money. Thank you for the tips

    • You are most welcome and with all that is going on right now with COVID-19 I’m sure once travel is okay again you’ll love the Disney trip even more. At least this gives you time to save 🙂


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