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BubbleBum Car Organizer for the BackSeat

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Keep the car organized with BubbleBum Junkie #Review


Is it just me or does your kids toys seem to breed and multiply overnight?!? I can “declutter” one day and by the next I’m overrun with stuff again the next morning. These breeding toys aren’t particular about where they are either… the great room, bedrooms, bathrooms, even in the car! I haven’t got a solution for the house quite yet, but I can help you with the whole backseat issue! BubbleBum Junkie stores all of our kiddos stuff in a nice neat compartment!

 backseat storage

What exactly is a “Junkie”? I’m glad you asked!  Read on…

The expandable middle section provides space for your kids toys. The removable Tote bag with an insulated compartment is perfect for keeping snacks and drinks cool while traveling. Two retractable activity trays give your kids the space and surface they need to doodle, play and snack in comfort. Along with two deep cup holders, food related mess can be a thing of the past. The innovative tech viewer allows your kids to view their tablet together in a safe secure way providing the perfect positioning for watching movies or their favorite TV shows while on the road.

kids car storage

It fits nicely between two kids in the backseat. I no longer have littles – my eldest is taller than me now! The Junkie, however, fit comfortably between my two kiddos (in a compact car) with room to spare!  My absolute favorite feature with the Junkie is the cup holders! For some reason my husbands daily driver didn’t come with any backseat cup holders. This is a hassle for an on the go family and kids who ALWAYS have to have a water bottle with them!

Go here and order yours today! While you’re looking, check out their other awesome products that make riding more comfy for the kids!

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6 thoughts on “BubbleBum Car Organizer for the BackSeat”

  1. This is so nice, I have to get one for my Daughter. Both kids are always needing something they can’t reach. This will save her some headaches.

  2. I no longer have littles either, but I do have a grandbaby along the way. This looks like a handy organizational tool for the backseat.


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