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Brooklyn Organic Bamboo Wash Cloths

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Powered by Mom Shares a Brooklyn Organic Bamboo Wash Cloths Review

If you’re a regular reader of Powered by Mom then you know that I LOVE bamboo products. I have bamboo sheets, clothes, towels and now thanks to Brooklyn Bamboo I have organic bamboo wash cloths. There’s nothing like bamboo material, it’s so amazingly soft, like crazy soft, it’s a silky feel, organic, has antimicrobial properties AND bamboo is a sustainable resource. That’s why I was more than happy to say yes when I was asked to review the Brooklyn Bamboo Wash cloths. They are not only perfect for babies and young children’s sensitive skin but think about it they’re perfect for everyone, wouldn’t you want something soft and silky to use to wash your face instead of a rough cloth?

bamboo face cloths 2

They are great though to put in gift baskets for baby showers, young children and hey why not line an Easter basket with them to offset the chocolate?! How cute is that with the bunny and these super soft wash cloths. Lucky for me they came as a set of six so that I could give two to each of us, my hubby, my 13 year old daughter and myself. No one can steal mine as the white ones are mine and we each have different colors so no stealing allowed.

bamboo wash cloth portrait

They are easy to wash, I put them in the washing machine and you can use with a gentle soap, baby soap but no fabric softener is needed. They have washed well so far. I always make sure that I have always have one to use and wash the other one right away as I don’t like to use anything else when it comes to washing my face. I have very sensitive skin due to my roseacea so it is very important for me to not use anything abrasive when I  wash my skin. I always use my organic bamboo wash cloth, I just love them!

Here’s the 411 on these fabulous bamboo wash cloths

  • Hypoallergenic, Natural Baby Wash Cloths. Perfect For Baby’s Sensitive Skin – Facial, Hands & Body, Even If Baby Has Eczema. Non Scratchy Or Irritating
  • Larger, Generous 10″ x 10″ Size Allows You To clean Baby’s Skin Gently And Easily. 
  • Perfect For Boys & Girls. Each 6 Pack Features 2 Each of # Natural Colors: Light Bamboo Green, Natural Off White And Natural Light Yellow. Made From Eco Friendly, Organic, Sustainable Bamboo
  • 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

bamboo face cloths

If you’d like to buy a set of your own luckily you can get them on Amazon GO HERE and snag some now!



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5 thoughts on “Brooklyn Organic Bamboo Wash Cloths”

  1. I ‘ve heard a lot of good things about bamboo, but haven’t tried it yet in sheets, towels, etc. yet. These do look really soft!

  2. These wash cloths sound amazing. I love that they are so soft and hypoallergenic. I definitely must try these bamboo wash cloths. Thank you for sharing this review.

  3. I have never had anything of bamboo but I had read that it was very soft. When I saw this post I was interested to see of how soft it might be. Your comment of asking about washing your face with a rough cloth, and the comment of safe to use on babies with sensitive skin got me sold about bamboo’s softness.


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