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Brite Ideas Flameless Candles 5 Winners 4hr flash giveaway ends @9pm PST! US Only.

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Welcome to this BRITE Pay It Forward Giveaway!

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Huge Thanks to Brite Ideas for sponsoring this giveaway for 5 winners. Each winner will receive a champagne flameless candle.

There are times you want to have a candle and there are many reasons you can’t burn them in your home. Brite Ideas has the perfect solution, flameless candles. There is the beautiful design and flicker of a candle without the worry of the flame. They also have a timer to shut off, so you don’t waste you batteries and batteries ARE included!

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By on February 15th, 2013

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44 thoughts on “Brite Ideas Flameless Candles 5 Winners 4hr flash giveaway ends @9pm PST! US Only.”

  1. I like to use these because they’re safer. I like to use them when the power goes out or if I just want to relax. They’re really pretty candles when lit up.Thank you 🙂

  2. I have a three year old that is in the stage of looking CLOSELY at everything. I honestly did not even know that flameless candles existed. I think they would be much safer in my home at this stage in his life.

  3. I would not put a flameless candle top of a wax candle. Flameless candles are not made of wax but a hard plastic and not meant for direct heat. I would not place a candle on top of any other candle. The dangers are many, fires, burns and just melting the flameless candle all over where it could ruin your item it’s on. It is a big no no for any item that has a flame to have any other item on it that is not intended to have an open flame.

  4. i prefer flame candles, but with a 2-year-old around i love the flameless candles, and he does too! 😀 thanks for a great giveaway!!

  5. I would love to try a flameles candle because I have a little boy that is way too curious and I don’t want anything bad to happen. I watch him like a hawk, but I like to be extra careful.

  6. Living in the desert and going through a huge drought we are kindof freaked by candles these days. We also live in an older home and a couple of houses in our neighborhood have caught fire in just the past few months. I love candles but have to be smart and safe so these are perfect

  7. i like flameless candles because my kitten likes to jump up on the counters and i don’t want him to get hurt.also,i have 2 kids in the house.safer all around.

  8. Love to try a flameless. My poor cat usually burns his tail on a reg candle. Needless to say I don’t burn alot of candles. TY

  9. I will use them because I have dogs that will knock them over and maybe catch the house on fire. I love the flicker of candles & these are beautilful.

  10. I would give my mom a flameless candle due to her being on oxygen and she can’t burn candles in her home, but she loves candles, so they are perfect for here.


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